CoalaWeb Social Links 0.4.2

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CoalaWeb Social Links is a Joomla extension designed to help site visitors share content on your site as well as follow you through a variety of social networks. You can choose which Share and Follow Us links to display depending on your website needs plus it's packed full of other configuration options to make it as flexible as possible

Component options and features

    Easy to use layout
    Quick launch help
    Joomla integrated updates
    Language support
    Facebook App ID integration
    Twitter via integration
    Twitter hashtag integration
    Component Permission Manager
    Facebook JS loading
    Two Facebook sharing systems

Social Module options and features

    12 Share options
    31 Follow US options
    3 Icon styles
    2 Hover effects
    5 Icon sizes
    1 Layout
    Retina support
    Easily create custom icon style
    Alternative icons
    Module styling
    Title customization options
    Share This customization options
    Follow Us customization options
    1 Custom Follow US option
    Custom text fields

Page Module options and features

    HTML 5
    Various Layout Options
    Display Profile Photos
    Display Header Image
    Display Recent Posts

Tweet Module options and features [NEW]

    Max Tweets
    Display title
    Title formating and alignment
    Content format and alignment
    Break links


Need CoalaWeb Social Links in a different language?

Language Packs thanks to the Open Translators and hosted on Transifex.


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