Cobalt 8.762

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Cobalt 8 opens incredible possibilities for constructing websites, and allows you to build almost anything. Among others. Cobalt is a CCK Like K2

Flexible CCK
Cobalt 8 now features, undoubtedly, advanced fields done to perfection. All fields are highly customizable to absolutely work the way you specifically want and expect them to perform.

Address & map location
Email & Mail
Date & Time
Numbers and Digits
Relation Fields
standard inputs
Many more…

All fields are editable to exactly suit your preferences.


Audit trail
Full audit trail support out of the box. Log all user activity, control articles versions, restore deleted files or articles and more...

Create ONE-TO-MANY or MANY-TO-MANY relationships between and among content types or even within one content type.

Multiple Type
Submit, handle, search, display and filter different content types of data within the same section/category.

Compare from 2 to 6 articles in a vertical table template where people can easily see the difference.

Flexibly customized. You may allow even public users to tag article but for example only existing tags. Later users may filter by tags and search.

Google Analytics link tracking. Core Joomla SEF. Aliases for articles and allow/disallow crawler scan. Enter metatags. And much more.

Sell or allow others to sell downloads, vouchers or access to articles. Adaptive Payments allow collect rebates from every purchase.

Mobile Enhancements
Cobalt can show QR codes everywhere - on your emails, telephones, google map locations and address encoded as MECARD.

Compatibility mode
Make Cobalt looks perfect even in Joomla templates where Twitter bootstrap is not loaded.

Public users can edit
Public user gets a special edit link with secret edit access key. Can be sent to email if there is email field.

Personalization - Multi-Vendor
Not only fronted submission, but user personal homepages, personal categories, reposts and user follow feature, make it most fronted user oriented extension.
Cobalt 8 is the first Joomla CCK to allow front-end submissions, and therefore is the best solution for getting and submitting articles to front-end users.
Not only does Cobalt 8 allow frintend submissions, it also allows users to create their personal home-pages within every section, with the freedom to create their own set of categories.


Search & Filtering System
Cobalt has most advanced search and filtering ability.

Optimized for quick response
Alpha Index for Categories & Items
FULLTEXT index include title, user name, email, categories, tags and field values
Text search
Uses Natural Language Search
Uses boolean search (Exclude or include words with + or -)
Uses direct or exact Search
Exclude/include any field into index
Every field may be additional search filter
Distant search
Range search
Value match
Show what filters are applied to the view
Close applied filter(s)
Joomla Search Plugin
Joomla Smart Search Plugin


Support and Delivery
Free professional level support even for free Cobalt customer. Weekly updates every Thursday.

Rating System
3 calculation algorithms, multiple properties, templates, API, access levels - all that make rating system outstanding.

Modify layouts and templates and make it looks like you want without losing changes on updates. Each section, type or field has its own template.

For JE Developers
Automate Joomla extensions distribution commercially or free. You update extension on your site and all you clients may update though Joomla update service.

There are different methods of exporting data and CSV import. You can pack whole section into Joomla installation package, or feed your section into XML, INI or JSON formats.

Moderator Manager
Make any users a moderator in any section, and fine-tune more than 30 permissions through predefined rules, without changing actual Joomla user groups.

Comment System
Connect to popular social comments like Disqus, Fasebook, VK, Cackl, Intencedebate or build in comment system or other Joomla extensions like Komento or JComments.

High Load Optimization
High performance is one of our main concerns and priority. Cobalt has been already successfully used on sites with 300k article which is out of a dream for other CCKs.

Google Maps
Full integration with latest Google map API v3.5.

Show articles markers on the map;
Marker click popup article info window;
Set marker icon per article;
Set position from address or vice versa;
Detect current location;
Marker clustering;
Cloud, weather, panaramio, traffic, bicycle, transit, Heatmap - layers;
Filter or search by distant radius, marker icon or address.

Many more
Cobalt does not stop on the list of features on this list. It has almost endless list of features.

Unlimited Section Instances;
Extendible Section/Type/Field Parameters;
Automatic Image Sizing and Caching;
Multiple Category Item Assignment;
Automatically Generated Slugs;
Easy Upgrades that preserve Settings;
Built for Developers;
Avatars provided by Gravatar Service;
Joomla Plugins work inside Cobalt.

Notification System
Google Analytics link tracking. Core Joomla SEF. Aliases for articles and allow/disallow crawler scan. Enter metatags. And much more.

Subscribe to follow whole section, category, article, user;
More than 30 event types;
Get Facebook style notifications;
Get Crowl style (popup) notifications;
Receive email with notification summary;
Increase/decrease karma on events (require 3d party extensions);
Integrated with JomSocial and EasySocial activity and karma;
User set email to never, days, weekly monthly;
User chose email language;
User choose event types to receive;
User set to subscribe all new records automatically;
User may follow/unfollow all articles, users or categories at once;
Show all articles you follow in the section;
Show all articles with new events in the section;
Show all events and filter by article, event, user or section;
Delete events or mark as read;
Automatically marked read when article opened;


Please note this is only brief compilation of what Cobalt 8 has. There are many other features.
Cobalt 8 offers far more features than what can be sufficiently described in this brief article. Try Cobalt 8 for yourself and experience the incredible power and flexibility of its components which no other JOOMLA CCK can provide.


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