Easy Timetable Extended 1.8.8

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Easytimetable is a new user-friendly schedule management system to build beautiful timetables in no time thanks to a Drag & Drop interface.

Easy Timetable allows you to build beautiful responsive Schedules thanks to a user friendly Drag & drop interface. Ideal for weekly recurring activities or schedule for multidays one-shot events.

A few features of this very easy-to-use system :

  • NEW 1.8.0: Display a Timescale on the left of the timetable
  • Activities list layout
  • Timetable list layout
  • Time mode - Choose 12-hour (am/pm) or 24-hour mode,
  • add image to activities
  • Drag & drop activities to the schedule,
  • Ajax saving,
  • Responsive design,
  • Frontend & backend management,
  • Easy customization,
  • jQuery based cross-browser interface
  • Unlimited activities,
  • Unlimited Timetables

Languages available for EasyTImetable free for Joomla:

Afrikaans af-ZA, Arabic ar-AA, Chinese Simplified zh-CN, Czech cs-CZ, Danish da-DK , Dutch nl-NL , Estonian et-EE, Finnish fi-FI, German de-DE, Greek el-GR, Hebrew he-IL, Hungarian hu-HU, Italian it-IT, Japanese ja-JP, Korean ko-KR, Latvian lv-LV, Polish pl-PL, Portuguese pt-PT, Romanian ro-RO, Russian ru-RU, Spanish es-ES, Swedish sv-SE.

Get the Extended version for more features:

- NEW 1.8.0: Edit every cell content individually (custom colors, texts, tooltips, images)
- NEW 1.8.0: individually add text with html (links, style) inside cells
- NEW 1.8.0: Many display option (text alignmment, style)
- Quick create activities from the timetable edit page
- Performance improve for large timetables and numerous items

Adaptative layout
- Height of activities relative to the duration of activities
- live override of activity's duration in the timetable edit page

Filter system
- NEW 1.8.0: Category filter added
- Choose activities you want to display in the filter
- Sort activities name
- 2 layouts: button and select list
- Custom "reset button" text and color

- High resolution timetable printing

- New tooltip system based on Tooltipster
- interaction with tooltip with the 'on click' trigger
- insert text, link, image and any html inside tooltip

- NEW 1.8.0: limit the number of occurrence of an activity inside timetables
- New 1.8.0: Add categories to activities to filter them in schedules
- Link to activity's description, external link, menu item the timetables
- Desktop and mobile display options for cell's and tooltip's informations
- over color for background and text
- info fields to share information among activities with access management
- image in tootip
- title in tooltip

User management
- Assign timetable to a specific user so he is the only one who can see it
- Every activity and timetable are manageable with Joomla access system

- Display timetables in every template module position
- 2 layouts: normal and list-like style to display in side columns
- Display as many timetables as you need in articles

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