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EmEditor is a fast, lightweight, yet extensible, easy-to-use text editor for Windows. Both native 64-bit and 32-bit builds are available!

ZDnet.com’s Ed Burnette called EmEditor the “World’s fastest text editor.

Japanese website “Mado-no-mori” remarked “No need for Excel. Most powerful CSV editor.

Riccardo Tani, Cyber Defense Manager, recommends EmEditor for Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) and log analysis.

The text editor supports powerful macros, Unicode, and very large files. Emurasoft’s timeless mission is to achieve our clients’ needs and wants by listening to them with empathy and expertise.

We value timely customer support, and are honored to have distinguished users, including major corporations, educational institutions, institutions of the European Union, ministries of Japan, and governments from all over the world.


an HTML designer

The Snippets plug-in allows you to easily insert frequently used HTML tags (such as h1, h2, p, a, etc.), templates, styles, scripts, and many other HTML elements.

With the Snippets plug-in, you can use keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL + B to make the selected text highlighted (using the STRONG tag), CTRL + I as Italic (using the EM tag), etc.

Zen-coding allows you to code HTML elements incredibly faster.

The HTML Bar plug-in allows you to modify your HTML documents with familiar toolbar buttons.

The Tooltip to show HTML/XML character references feature is useful.

Matching tag highlight allows you to make sure HTML tag nesting is correct.

The WebPreview plug-in allows you to preview HTML documents.

External tools allow you to configure web browsers to preview HTML documents.

External tools also allow you to set up external programs such as HTMLTidy to work with EmEditor.

The CSE HTML Validator plug-in allows you to validate HTML documents.

The Replace in Files feature allows you to replace matched strings with other strings.

Moreover, you can easily convert encodings of multiple documents.


a programmer

The Projects plug-in shows the list of function and variable definitions in the current document or within a project.

The Auto Marker feature allows you to highlight the same string as the function or variable names at the cursor.

The Narrowing feature allows you to focus to a specified part of document and protect other parts of the document.

Multiple selection editing allows you to change variable names easily.

External tools allow you to set up your compiler with EmEditor.

The spell checking feature understands CamelCase.

Numbering allows you to insert sequential numbers. In conjunction with vertical selection editing, you can insert sequential numbers at the beginning or end of each line in the selection, which makes it easy to make an array of variable definitions.
The Clipboard History allows you to insert previous text that you copied.

The Find Matching Parenthesis/Bracket command allows you to jump between a pair of brackets.

Scriptable macros allow you to create macros for your repeated tasks.

You can also create plug-ins that fit your needs.


an editor or publisher

EmEditor allows you to write text very fast.  EmEditor can launch fast, and as soon as you open an EmEditor window, it allows you to start typing.

The Snippets plug-in allows you to insert frequently used text.

The Word Complete plug-in helps you to complete words while you type.

The Outline features allow you to show the outline of your text.

The Word Count plug-in can count not only words but any specified characters or words.

The Status bar shows the basic information of the document such as the number of characters, words, and lines.

The Messaging plug-in allows you to conveniently send a small part of your document to your peers.

The configurable spelling feature allows you to check spelling of your documents.

The Marker feature allows you to highlight any keywords in your documents, and the multiple selection editing feature allows you to conveniently replace a same word with another word.


a database administrator

EmEditor allows you to open very large files quickly, and the Large File Controller allows you to open only a specified portion of a large file.

EmEditor allows you to open CSV, TSV, or user-defined separator (DSV) files. You can sort according to column values (alphabetically or numerically), and you can configure sorting options such as stable-sort.

EmEditor allows you to split or combine files.

You can also use the bookmark features, so that you can bookmark lines that match certain criteria. Then you can delete those bookmarked lines, or extract bookmarked lines to a new file. The Delete Duplicate Lines command allows you to delete identical lines in a document.


a server administrator

Server log files tend to be very large.  EmEditor can open very large plain text files, and the Large File Controller allows you to open only a specified portion, for instance, the last portion of the file.

The flexible search feature allows you to search for a specific term.

You can also use the bookmark features, so that you can bookmark lines that match certain criteria, such as lines with error keywords or URLs.  And then, you can extract those lines into a new file.

The Marker feature allows you to highlight any specific terms, which allows you to read documents much easier.

The Word Count plug-in allows you to count specific terms or characters.


If you need a free text editor...

If you need a best free text editor, EmEditor Free might be right for you.

While not at the same level of EmEditor Professional, EmEditor Free allows you to do most of text editing tasks without purchasing the product.

Please see the comparison chart whether it is right for you.

Once you downgrade the product to EmEditor Free, you will never be asked to upgrade or get any marketing messages, so please go ahead and keep it as the free version as long as you would like!


World’s fastest text editor gets even better!

EmEditor is a smart editor from Emurasoft that can handle pretty much any sized file. 2GB? 20? 200? No problem. A billion lines? Sure. What about really long lines? Is 10 million columns enough, because EmEditor can handle that with ease. It’s not just for programmers, but programmers can certainly appreciate and use many of its features.

EmEditor is one of the few editors I know that has been built for both 32- and 64-bit modes. If you have a 64-bit operating system, why shouldn’t you be using a 64-bit editor? You can edit files larger than 4GB even on 32-bit Windows, but 64-bits makes the editor run even faster and keep more in memory before using temporary space.

Ed Burnette, ZDNet


I would highly recommend EmEditor for any intensive text-centric activity!

I’ve been using EmEditor for the last 3 years, mostly for ontology crafting.
I chose that editor after testing a lot of different solutions, and the two major reasons for that choice have been:
true UTF-8 encoding, and unlimited size of documents (with light speed loading).
All the other solutions I tested were falling short of providing one or the other.
Additionally, I came to appreciate the excellent plug-ins, the keen regex integration, the side by side comparison, etc.
EmEditor is a complex software with a ton of features and I’ve lost my way a couple of times but Emurasoft has been each time immediately responsive and helpful.
I would highly recommend EmEditor as a first choice for any intensive text-centric activity.


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