VirtueMart Custom Size 1.16.0

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Allow your customer to adjust the height of their table, the length of their bench, the size of their carpet. Now you can sell size specific products tailored to the client's needs: carpets, flooring, wood merchants, metal suppliers, garden furniture makers, window companies, cloth manufacturers, in fact any product that involves cut goods, sold by dimension, length, width, height, surface, the list of uses for the CustomSize plugin is endless

CustomSIZE plugin and VirtueMart calculate the correct price for your customer dynamically, based on the size they require. You can use a fixed standard price or use the price of a variant selection. You can use a fixed product price and add additonally a price per unit, or use the product price as unit price. You can also use predefine values displayed as dropdowns. The frontend layout is also overwriteable (radio buttons instead of dropdown for example). The offset can be used as the base price as a kind of service (for example selling parquet flooring). The CustomSIZE plugin blows open the doors, to enable you to offer custom sized products, based on what your customers want and need.

Use case

    Sell customised products around your customer's needs
    Chains, ropes, wires, flooring, wood merchants, metal suppliers
    Fabrics, carpets, frames, windows, doors, furniture, and a lot more

Config options

    Dynamic price update
    Up to three dimensions via input field or dropdown selection
    Additional price and variant price option
    Change language easily

More options

    Define minimum and maximum values and even an offset
    Independant technical limit and calculation limit
    Scale precision - define number of decimals and set steps
    Set delay to check values


    Prepare defaults in custom field proto
    Weight per unit for cart weight calculation
    Dimension ratio allows to keep format as 1:2 for e.g. posters


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