Virtuemart Multi Vendor Marketplace 5.2

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Joomla Virtuemart Multi Vendor Marketplace- This intelligent extension enables the user to convert their Joomla Virtuemart store in to a Multivendor Marketplace with separate seller product collection and separate seller along with additional feature of feedback support system and star rating facility. After creating the best marketplace module in Magento, we received a lot of request to create a same kind of marketplace module for Joomla Virtuemart and we are here with the fabulous extension for the Joomla Virtuemart.

The work flow of the Virtuemart marketplace module will be kind of same as magento or prestashop marketplace


-Seller can add, edit and delete product in Virtuemart store.
-Seller can edit, delete or change the image of the product.
-Separate seller profile for each individual seller.
-Seller can add banner, shop logo, custom HTML text.
-Feedback and review system with interactive star rating.
-Different seller commission for individual seller.
-Admin can assign its product to various seller.
-Joomla user Account can be converted into seller account through backend.
-If Seller is deleted then it’s product is automatically disabled or deleted.
-If Seller is disabled then it’s Products is automatically disabled.
-Registration and login of seller through facebook account.
-Multilingual product saved through seller’s front end.
-Grid/List view of the seller through Marketplace Seller View module.
-Listing of products according to their category through View Collection module.
-Approval mail facility when seller adds any product (depends on marketplace configuration setting).
-Optional Tax and Commission fields on add product page at frontend.
-Seller can view the commission details on frontend Dashboard.
-Admin can set the maximum image size to upload for a product.
-The Seller Grid View shows all the sellers at frontend in Gridview with their name as profile name.
-The Marketplace Seller View module have the option to show sellers in both grid/list view.
-Seller can enable or disable their products via frontend.
-Option of managing the status of orders from seller end via frontend.
-Introduction of advanced seller profile view which includes geographical location of seller, seller’s favourite products, improved contact and seller follow option.
-Facilitated with multi stage registration process and web cam facility to upload profile and product image during runtime.
-View of static sales and revenue details of day, week and month along with donut chart view according to selected currency of seller.
-Includes a support system which directly links the admin to webkul ticket system for further assistant.
-Furnished with info tab providing user guide manual to admin.
-Option of Lazy load deferring the loading of products until they become visible in the user’s view-port.
-Google Recaptcha on add product and seller registration page protecting site from spam and abuse.

Latest Features of Version 5.2:

    Mobile responsive.
    The add-on is now compatible and well integrated with the function of “catalogue view” of Virtuemart. Therefore the “buy now” button will not be displayed if catalogue mode is enabled at Virtuemart end.
    A field with the concept of “suggested category” is provided in “Add product” tab. This field allows the seller to recommend categories to admin.
    A separate tab is provided where the list of “favourite products” are displayed with the number of counts per product.
    An advanced seller’s dashboard is available to view the sales analytics of orders based on the world map, pie chart and area chart by year.
    The dashboard also displays the number of total orders, customers and amount of sales.
    In “order history” tab functionality of sorting of orders on basis of order status is available.
    A customised layout is being designed for edit order option.
    The catalogue of sellers registered in the site gets displayed in list view for a mobile device.
    In “my payment” tab, the feature of filtering the transactions of the seller on basis of date is available.
    A separate tab is provided to view the listed Joomla users. The listed users can be converted into sellers excluding the super user.
    Mail templating functionality is available to communicate with the individual seller.
    Filtering of orders based on selected sellers is possible at the backend.
    Advanced filtering option of products on basis of sellers and categories is available.
    A separate layout is provided to edit and manage the information of the individual seller.
    Option to update multiple seller commission is obtained. An improved sorting of sellers based on the type commission is provided.
    An advanced sorting of products based on categories, sellers and status of the display is available.
    The functionality of cloning of admin’s product is obtained to assign a single product to multiple sellers.
    A separate tab is available to view and manage the list of suggested categories from seller end.
    Admin has been provided with the option to approve or disapprove the suggested categories.

Latest Features_5.2 -( Security Vulnerability For XSS And SQL -Injection Fixed)
- Email templates provided for Marketplace e-mails.
- Top View Seller Products on Seller Dashboard
- View for a buyer to see followed seller.
- Login view provided with Seller menus.
- The view provided for Administrator and seller for all seller queries.
- Get Direction Button for seller shop map location.
- More Robust And Secure

Joomla Virtuemart Multi Vendor Marketplace Supported Addons

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