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Free Adobe Dreamweaver 2021 v21.3 Win/Mac/Portable

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Adobe Dreamweaver is a professional web development application used for designing and maintaining websites. It provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for creating standards-based webpages and web applications.

The Dreamweaver workspace consists of a visual "WYSIWYG" editing interface that automatically generates HTML but also allows users to manually write HTML code. The application enables users to switch between editing perspectives when designing webpages, with each perspective consisting of a customized layout of toolbars, windows, and panels. While a coder’s perspective might include a text editor with syntax highlighting, a designer’s perspective may display the visual HTML editor. Some of the languages supported by Dreamweaver include HTML, PHP, ASP, XML, CSS, ActionScript, and JavaScript.

Dreamweaver comes with many features that help web developers save time. The application provides customizable starter templates for building webpages, HTML emails, eCommerce pages, and more. Code generation and code compliance features ensure that websites display the same across different web browsers without having to manipulate code directly. Syntax highlighting, code coloring, and visual hints help developers write, read, and update code faster and catch bugs before publishing the pages. Also, users can preview and edit their content in real time in Dreamweaver before they publish, without having to view the pages in a web browser. This is especially helpful for building responsive websites for multiple browser window sizes and device screen sizes.

Adobe Dreamweaver is an impressive web development application that is utilized by both amateur and professional web developers. The program comes with many features that make web development more convenient and powerful. Dreamweaver is worth at least a try for web developers especially if they are already an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber.

Supported File Types

.DWT=Dreamweaver Web Page Template
.AS=ActionScript File
.ASP=Active Server Page
.ASPX=Active Server Page Extended File
.ASR=ActionScript Remote Document
.CFC=ColdFusion Component File
.CFM=ColdFusion Markup File
.CS=C# Source Code File
.CSN=Adobe Code Snippet Document
.CSS=Cascading Style Sheet
.DWS=Adobe Dreamweaver Site Cache File
.DWT=Dreamweaver Web Page Template
.EDM=Adobe Extension Data Markup Language File
.EDML=Adobe Extension Data Markup Language Document
.FLV=Flash Video File
.GIF=Graphical Interchange Format File
.HTML=Hypertext Markup Language File
.INC=Include File
.JAVA=Java Source Code File
.JS=JavaScript File
.JSP=Java Server Page
.JST=JavaServer Page Document
.LBI=Dreamweaver Library Item
.MNO=Macromedia Design Note
.PHP=PHP Source Code File
.PHP3=PHP 3 Web Page
.PHP4=PHP 4 Web Page
.PHP5=PHP 5 Web Page
.PNG=Portable Network Graphic
.SSI=Adobe Dreamweaver Server Side Include File
.STE=Dreamweaver Site Settings File
.STM=SSI Web Page
.SWF=Shockwave Flash Movie
.VTM=Visual Tool Markup Language Document
.VTV=Adobe Dreamweaver Validator Configuration File
.WML=Wireless Markup Language File
.XHTML=Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File

Additional Related File Formats

.AIF=Audio Interchange File Format
.AIFF=Audio Interchange File Format
.CONFIG=Configuration File
.CTP=CakePHP Template
.FLA=Adobe Animate Animation
.HTM=Hypertext Markup Language File
.MOV=Apple QuickTime Movie
.MP3=MP3 Audio File
.PDF=Portable Document Format File
.PSD=Adobe Photoshop Document
.QT=Apple QuickTime Movie
.QTM=Apple QuickTime Movie File
.RA=Real Audio File
.RAM=Real Audio Metadata File
.RPM=RealPlayer Plug-in
.SHTM=HTML Server Side Include File
.SHTML=Server Side Include HTML File
.SWC=Flex Components Archive
.SWT=Flash Generator Template
.VTML=Visual Tool Markup Language File
.WAV=WAVE Audio File
.XHTM=Extensible Hypertext Markup Language Document
.XSL=XML Style Sheet
.XSLT=XSL Transformation File



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Additional Info

  • Version: 2021 v21.3 + Portable Win/Mac
  • OS: Windows, Mac
  • Password: BlackJoomla.com