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AI Content Generator 1.2.2

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Joomla Artificial Intelligence Content Generator powered by ChatGPT


Open AI Content Creator for Joomla Websites

✨Create quality and relative content for your Joomla site with the power of Artificial Intelligence!

✨ This is NOT automation software to create trash content!
✨ For QUALITY CONTENT with a minimum effort.
✨ Delivers you well-written contents with a writing style and tone for your website audience.

✨**Reduce the time required for good content by 95%. **

For example, if you need to spend 2-3 hours to prepare a 1000-word content with a writing style suitable for your target audience and topics and headings suitable for your site, you can do it in 3-4 minutes with this extension!

Version 1.2.0 Released - Updated on 27 April 2023
✨ Latest Completed Features ( Version 1.2.0 1.1.9, Version 1.1.8)
✅ Checking for php settings in the code added
✅ Ajax error and wait functions have been added and improved.

Version 1.1.7 Released - Updated on 19 April 2023
✨ Latest Completed Features ( Version 1.1.7 & Version 1.1.6)
✅ If your site is multilingual, you can export to any language you want.
✅ You can update the exported content without leaving the component admin interface.

Version 1.1.5 Released - Updated on 10 April 2023
✨ New Features ( Version 1.1.5 )
✅ Create Content pieces by giving keywords
✅ Hightlight only the first occurances of given keywords by tag
✅Keyword Stuffing Prevention ( This part will be better soon )
✅Create content in 35 different languages
✅Automatically Meta Title, Descriptions, Keywords generation
SEO Meta Advices
✅Export to Articles in Content Page!
✅Update the Exported Article in Content Page

Version 1.1.0 Released - Updated on 03 April 2023
✨ New Features ( Version 1.1.5 )
✅ Easy to use admin interface with better descriptions
✅ Thanks every Joomla user who choosed and reviewed it here...

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( if your language is not listed, please send me a ticket after purchase and we add latest in 48 hours )
K dispozici český překlad a jazykový soubor.
Dansk oversættelse og sprogfil tilgængelig.
Nederlandstalige bestanden beschikbaar.
English translation and language file available.
Sprachdateien in Deutsch sind verfügbar.
Διατίθεται Τουρκική μετάφραση και αρχείο γλώσσας.
Des fichiers de langue en Français sont disponibles.
Sono disponibili file di lingua in Italiano.
Dostępne polskie tłumaczenie i plik językowy.
Arquivos de idioma em Português estão disponíveis.
Доступен русский перевод и языковой файл.
K dispozícii sú slovenské preklady a jazykové súbory.
Los archivos de idioma en Español están disponibles.
Svensk översättning och språkfil tillgänglig.
Türkçe çeviri ve dil dosyası mevcut.
Доступні українські переклади та мовні файли.



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