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How to Pay & Buy Points

  Easily pay with PayPal form
 The IP of the following countries cannot view the payment page (CN,BR,RU,VN,IR,KR,MX)
1- You can change your IP and make the payment
2- You can send PayPal directly to this email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and then fill in the payment form below

  Send WebMoney (WMZ)=Z534243842438
( Please create your WM wallet at first-  Do not send directly PayPal, Visa, ... to our WMZ wallet )

   Send Bitcoin (BTC)=3F4f5FrG8b1fDuprrhQfec5wzezgSTbo1e

Send Rials (IRR)= IDPay.ir/BlackJoomla

  Buy WebMoney(WMZ) by PayPal

  Buy cryptocurrency like Bitcoin by PayPal

  Buy WebMoney by Credit Card

  Send Charging Code You should have WebMoney account(Fee is 1%)

If your points does not increase within 24 hours, please send your payment details again