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Sell gift cards, Vouchers, in your Joomla website with J2Store and the Gift Certificate app.
The app comes with three pop-up styles. It replaces the built in zoom effect and adds attractive pop-up styles to your product images.
The stripe plugin integrates the famous Stripe payment gateway with J2Store, allowing you to take payments directly on your site via Stripe's API.
You can track the user behavior across your e-commerce store starting from product views to thank you page.
The plugin implements a postal code based shipping method in J2Store. You can set shipping cost based on the postal code.
Sell your files stored in Dropbox with J2Store Joomla eCommerce platform. The app enables you to connect your Dropbox account and sell the files securely.
Group your products and allow your customers add them all or selected in one single click
Easy checkout is an one-step checkout extension for J2Store.