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We increase session to 1000 minutes because some users have a problem to login for server cache Each 24h=1440 minutes and after 1000 mins you logout automatically If  refresh BlackJoomla your session(1000 min) starts Thus if You want to earn 5 points for every day, You should log out manually & login again, each 24h if you refresh pages in 1000 minutes ago  
From today, all users who contribute to BlackJoomla will be members of the VIP group
You can pay by WebMoney and buy points from BlackJoomla from now After login, Go to the Buy Points page
From now The SoftWare Category Does Not Need To Points For Download
Joomla! Extensions and Templates Need to be Updated Quickly for More performance, security and speed as well as more services
Due to an increase in site users to over 30,000 In the new year, the purchased points will double
We had a lot of requests from Middle Eastern countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and ... to add Rial(IRR) to the payroll Users of these countries can now also buy points in Rial(IRR)
Merry Christmas New service for the convenience of Black Joomla users After login you will see a new button called "+ Add to list" in the download box
There are a lot of templates from lots of companies but finding a template that fit needs are very hard. By new service from BlackJoomla, you can filter details to find the best template.
New Year's Gift on Membership page every day Some times a day, randomly, code will be displayed And you can get 100 to 100000 points by entering the code You can use each code only once From December 20