Email Beautifier 2.1.2

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A must have for practically every Joomla site out there, this extension will turn the 'Vanilla' Joomla emails into a work of art.

How many of you have looked at the silly 'welcome email' and complained that it is so very un-cool? Gosh! I see so many hands up in the air!

So here's an answer to all of that.. and more. With Email Beautifier from Techjoomla, making your Joomla emails look nicer is as simple as A-B-C Email Beautifier catches all emails going from your Joomla site, wraps an awesome template around them & sends them on their way.

Feature Overview:

Supports Joomla 2.5 & 3.x along with PHP v7.1 compatibility
A single place to configure a standardized template for emails
Ability to Skip extensions that have their own templates
Advertising In Email via SocialAds
Support for J!MailAlert plugins to add Dynamic content
Easy Template Editor with the ability to Edit HTML & CSS
Joomla 3.9.x privacy tools support-New actionlog plugin for Email Beautifier
Add support for adding more replacement [TAGS] in the subject and body through plugins


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