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J2Store Advanced Variable 1.14

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Using J2Store it is possible to create different types of products. Among the product types available, variable product is a complex product type. It lets you define variations of a product where each variant may have a different attributes, e.g. SKU, price and stock level.

Lets suppose you want to add another option to your variable product which should not be treated as a variant.

Here is the extension to fulfill such requirements.

Advanced Variable combines the features of Simple and the Variable product types. While you can create a few variants, you can also have other selectable product options that are not variants. Example, you can have the Size as the variant, while color can be a normal selectable option. That way you can manage the variants / combinations effortlessly.

You can create complex product options using the advanced variable product. Let us say, you are selling a ticket with two variants : Adult, Child. When customer purchases, you can take the Attendee name using a text box option. So when a customer chooses Adult, he will enter a name and add to cart. Similarly when the booking is made for a child. This way, you will be able to get additional information for each variant.

Sounds neat!

Yes it is. Because with J2Store the possibilities are limitless.

Never compromise your requirements. Do what you want to do with the advanced variable product type.

Provision to choose the options to be treated as variants

Using Advanced variable product type, you can choose the options that you want to treat as variants.

Example: For a Shirt, you can have size and color as the variants and the brand as normal option.

Variant-specific attributes

There are options that allow you to set up price, SKU, image, shipping info, etc., to each variant thus enhancing the ability to manage variants effortlessly.

Overcome limitations of variable products

More options like text, textarea, checkboxes, date can be added to a product that has variants.

On the contrary, a variable product will allow you to add only specific option types.

For example: You cannot add text area options to a variable product. The advanced variable definitely provides added advantages to handle complex product types and options.

Modify price and weight for non-variant options too

Though an option is not set as variant, you can add option price to the total if the option is chosen. Your non-variant options can also have different price and weight specifications.

Main image for each variant

Pictures are worth thousand words. Add main images to each variants separately.


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