JoomIdentity 1.3.0

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Allows website owners to verify their users identity by submitted files (pdf, images, docs..) or social accounts of registered users, files are automatically


Main Features:

  • Allow users to upload documents, images ... which admin has to verify and review
  • All uploaded files will be encrypted for high security level
  • Ability to protect files by password when user try to download his files
  • Notification automatically displayed when a user has been on insecure page (HTTP)
  • Ability to remove files after a certain days automatically
  • Auto redirect to secure page (HTTPS)
  • Customizable storage folder of encrypted files
  • Show or hide verification status in user profile
  • Ability to verify by social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google)
  • Display or show additional informations in user profile
  • Change allowed maximum size of file to upload
  • Customize allowed file extensions
  • Joomla auto update support

Users Expiration Control Features

  • Ability to add user to an extra Joomla group on verification
  • Ability to set user expiration date on verification
  • User will be automatically deleted from extra group on date expiration (by cron job)
  • Allow/disallow reviewed user to deleted files



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If after login, appears Warning (The security token did not match...) please refresh page and login again

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All of files compressed by WinRAR - use from Latest WinRAR before install

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