JUX Before After 1.0.3

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JUX Before /After Image is a simple Joomla extension that beautifully shows the visual changes between two images (Before image and after image) on the same screen. Specifically, the awesome Joomla extension is a complete solution to display both edited images and the image before editing to compare these two versions then visitors can easily identify the differences. JUX Before After extension deserves users a simple way to use, just wrapping any two images with [before–after] short-code opening and closing tags inside Joomla editor. Furthermore, the Joomla extension gives users lots of customizations in label text, colors, hover, and so on which make the before after image gallery be much attractive. Enjoy what put JUX Before After extension above the rest!


1. Slideshow – Remarkable features

The slideshow is the stunning feature that makes JUX Before After unique. Instead of limiting your selection in a couple of before and after image, now you can diversify your option in various pairs of before after images which are wrapped in each slider. Image and after image as well as gives a complete easy-to-use slide editor with different layers.

2. Different Orientations (Horizontal/ Vertical)

Users get two option in orientations which are horizontal and vertical orientations. Hence, you can simply change the handle orientation for portrait-oriented images as you wish.

3. Move on Hover Types (Hover, Drag, and Click)

By using the hovering action, you can change the handle position instead of dragging or clicking only. If you love the drag and click action, you also use these styles for the before-after image gallery because the module offers all of these comparison types (Dragging, Clicking, and Hovering).

4. Custom Overlay Images

Especially, customers can quickly view the overlay image by hovering to see all changes details, and easily customize the overlay image texts as your liking, only add images overlay you want.

5. Custom Colors, Texts, and Positions

JUX Before After allows you freely pick the color as well as a position of labels by using color picker. So, you can build up a before-after image as you wish in an easy way.
Plus, you can change any label texts you want instead of naming “Before” and “After” only; for instance, you can change the name of effect to describe the difference between before image and after image.

Check out the full features list of this cool Joomla extension!
• Fully Responsive
• Touch & Mobile Friendly
• Extremely Easy to Use
• Shortcode Generator
• Highly Customizable
• Detailed Documentation
• Custom Label and Colors
• Custom Overlay Images
• Drag, Click or Hover Interaction.
• Horizontal & Vertical Orientations
• Single image or Slider support.
• Hover overlay support.
• And more


JUX Before After extension gives users different experiences in displaying before after images on their Joomla sites. They simply get more options in setting, management your gallery to make it more attractive and convenient to customers. The awesome Joomla extension is worth to explore right now with a smooth in each movement, we say for sure an absolute pleasure to our dear customers.


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