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Lightbox Content Popup 4.1

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In Joomla category (K2 not supported) mode the title of the article, intro image and intro text of the particular categories can be listed horizontally or vertically which when clicked (this is not a auto popup extension) will open the complete article inside a popup. You can either choose single or multiple categories to fetch the article titles. This mode only supports text links to Popup. The color, font, weight, padding and margin can be controlled in the module parameters

In manual mode you can find option to add slides where you can assign a caption, image or both to open the contents in a popup when clicked. You can popup HTML contents, Youtube /Vimeo Videos and Google Maps inside it.
★ ★ Key Features ★ ★

★ Cross Browser Support : [ Firefox 3.x, Opera 9+, IE 5+,Safari,Firefox MAC, Safari MAC,etc.].
★ Compatible with Mobile/Tab Devices: Works perfect on iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices

★ Option to Enable/Disable jQuery library to avoid jQuery Conflicts
★ Module Suffix can be defined
★ Incase of conflicts javascipt(.js) files can be either loaded in body/head of the website.

★ Dimension of the popup can be set
★ Opening and closing effect of the popup box can be mentioned from the list - Elastic, Fade and None.
★ The closing and opening speed of the module can also be controlled - Fast, Normal and Slow. Speed can also be mentioned in milli seconds.
★ The title of the article can be show inside, outside or over the popup.
★ Opacity of the lightbox can be controlled. It ranges from 0.1 to 0.9

★ Options to display the caption or images horizontally or vertically.
★ Option to define the padding and margin.
★ Option to define the border color and border size.
★ Caption color, size and weight can be modified.
★ Option to define font family from a list of 25 default Google Fonts.

★ Zoom Image On Hover [NEW]
★ Show Overlay text on Hover [NEW]
★ Set Opacity of the Overlay [NEW]

★ Sorting of articles titles from a selected category.
★ Can POPUP anything(iframe,Images and Text) which are inside the article.
★ Lists the titles of the articles of a selected category horizontally or vertically. (see demo)
★ Number of article to display can be mentioned.
★ Supports content plugin to work inside

★ Add Unlimited slides.
★ Option to sort the slides if required.
★ Option to show image, caption or both.
★ Option to select /upload image for a particular slide .
★ Option to define the media type : Youtube, Vimeo, Google Maps or HTML Contents.

If you have any problems with Lightbox Content Popup Module or any questions regarding it, you can directly post at our Support Ticket System, http://support.infyways.com


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