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LMS King Pro

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The Joomla LMS King Learning Management System Professional is our fully-featured product, with all you need to have a complete and effective e-learning system.


Every single aspect of Joomla! learning is taken care of in this product, so you don't have to worry about ensuring full training and accreditation takes place. It’s all provided here, from learning to assessment.

Like all of our Joomla e-learning extensions, simplicity is key. No complicated menus or manuals to worry about. Instead, a simple to use and intuitive Wizard takes you through the process step-by-step, removing barriers to learning, so you can concentrate on delivery.

To add even more when it comes to ease of use, all you need to get started is provided in a handy download. No physical software to worry about, and instant accesss.

Everything you need, everything taken care of.

The Professional version has all of the extensions required to run a fully-featured e-learning program. For reporting purposes, for example, a user statistics plugin is included. This automates the reporting process, saving you time.

One of the key components included is messaging, allowing for full communication and easier management of any problems or queries that may arise. A chat module is also included, allowing you to have instant communication when you need it the most. With most issues around e-learning arising from inadequate communication, your job is made easier with messaging and chat functionality.

This fully featured Joomla LMS Professional version of our system improves communication, ease of use and makes course delivery and accreditation systematic and efficient. In the end, this gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing its all professional.



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