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Moonchip Fake Total Site Users 1.0.2

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Allows you to display a fake amount of registered users on your Joomla! site.


  • Show a fake total number of total users on your Joomla! site
  • Simply add as many fake members as you want
  • Fake members will be added to the real members total
  • Show only real members if you wish

It allows you add a number of fake members onto your existing real registered members.

In the back-end, there are a few simple options for you to control this.

In the option that says 'Fake registered members' simply enter any number you want, this number will be added to the total of real members already registered on your site.

If you have 200 real members already registered and enter 500 in the box the front end module will display a total of 700 registered members on your site.

If you simply want to display the real members then enter 0 in the box and the front end will show the real total.



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