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Mx Awesome Faq 4.0.16

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Mx Awesome Faq module displays joomla content or custom items. Content option create an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for your website by selecting single or multiple categories.


It is easy way to display all articles related to faq, in one single page ( accordion or tabs style ). It is based in bootstrap 4 and bootstrap 5. Chose the bootstrap depending on which bootstrap your template is using.

Data Source:

Select Category
Child Category Articles
Category Depth
Tag Filter
Featured Articles
Article Field to Order By
Ordering Direction
Open Link
Category Title
Item Title
Title Max length
Description display
Description Max length
Date display
Date format
Show Read More
Images settings
Display image - Yes / No

Custom Items


Style settings

Style - Accordion, Accordion bootstrap 4, Accordion bootstrap 5, Tabs, Tabs bootstrap 5
Layout for Accordion bootstrap 4 and  Accordion bootstrap 5 - one / two
Version - Light / Dark
First item - Opened/Closed
Question Padding - for tabs styles
Load bootstrap 4 - Yes / No
Load bootstrap 5 - Yes / No



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