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No Boss Faq 1.4.4

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Answer in advance to your users' questions and reduce expenses with customer service. Choose between options of classic, cards or filter by categories layouts and get a complete and attractive solution of frequent questions in few steps


9 languages available

The extension is available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Ukrainian and Polish.

FAQ groups

Display and configure frequent questions sections in different pages of your website.

Search filter

Provide filter options by keywords and categories to make searches easier.


Create unlimited categories and link it to frequent questions to keep them organized.


Start with a ready to use theme that most adapts to your needs.


All layouts are prepared for mobile, tablet and desktop navigation.

Unlimited items

Create as many calendars and events as you want, with no plan limitations.

Infinite possibilities

Customize the layout editing fonts, colors, backgrounds, spacings and much more.

Constant updates

Get access to the release of new themes and resources.

Performance and security

Use an extension developed and tested within performance and security requirements.

SEO and acessibility

Make use of scripts developed and tested to be accessible and optimized to search engines.

Qualified support

Use plans with technical support to access a team with 14 years of experience.

And much more!

Set touch screen options, gradient colors, auto play, image filters, among others.


No Boss Extensions is a brand of the Brazilian company No Boss Technology. Here on this platform you will find more than 20 No Boss products. The main products are the 'No Boss Calendar' and the 'No Boss FAQ'.

More than 14 years of experience with Joomla
No Boss was founded by Johnny Salazar Reidel who works with the development of Joomla solutions since the time when Joomla was called Mambo.

Participation in 7 events on Joomla
Our experience is shared with the community at events such as Joomla Day Brazil and the International Free Software Fair - FISL.



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