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This Joomla! content plugin enables you to create Call2Actions and show them anywhere in your blog / article.


Your online channels are important for you and your business. You spent a lot of time and effort to write high quality blogs for your visitors. You spent a lot of time on social media to draw attention to these blogs. You polish your content and website to be SEO optimized. But what is it you want these visitors to do on your website other then read your blog and leave? What is your call to action and how do you show that to your visitor in a non-intrusive way?

Time to convert your visitors into customers!

This Joomla! content plugin enables you to create Call2Actions and show them anywhere in your blog / article.

You get full control on where you want to place the Call2Action content: simply by entering the tag {call2action} anywhere in your blog / article or automatic on the top, bottom, readmore positions (or a combination of) of the selected articles (Joomla!, Easyblog, K2).

"This is Joomla's most advanced content, module and Google ad auto (or manual) inserter, replacer, and modifier! Display any content, article, module, plugin or Google Ads anywhere on your Joomla site. Works in conjunction with most Joomla modules or plugins." - Daclina

Difficult to create Call2Action content?

No, Call2Action content are regular Joomla articles. Start and End Publishing dates are respected so you can even use it to run timed campaigns!
You are not limited to simple content, but it has also been tested and it is working with Google Adsense Ads and Google Doubleclick For Publishers Ads (modules loaded via the Joomla article). > Advertising on steroids :)

New in version 2.0.0 > Multiple Advanced Replace functions

With the re-factored Advanced Replace function it is possible to add MULTIPLE call2action / ad / 'what-ever you want' on your articles on (almost) any position you seem fit.
You want to add an ad after every 3rd paragraph? After the 2nd H2 header? After every image? You name it: it is possible!!!
No more limits as to where you want your call2actions or your ads to appear!



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