p8pbb Bridge 4.1.2

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Full-featured bi-directional integration of phpBB 3 forum with Joomla! CMS. Forum is displayed inside Joomla! template as usual component.


No hacks of core files. Community Builder, JomSocial, EasySocial and Joomla profile integration. OSMap and AlphaUserPoints plugins.

SEF URLs and enhanced SEO for the forum.

Basic forum customization and modification options.

Read about all features on our website.


  • Installed as usual Joomla! extension.
  • Works in frameless mode (displays phpBB as usual Joomla! component inside your Joomla! template, special phpBB templates are required) and in standalone mode (any phpBB template can be used).
  • No hacks to Joomla! or phpbb3 is required.
  • Bi-directional synching of login/logout in either Joomla! or phpbb Bi-directional synchronization of registrations in either Joomla! or phpbb.
  • Bi-directional synching of changing profile data in either Joomla! or phpbb including language, timezone settings and Joomla profile fields (fields by User - Profile plugin and custom user fields since Joomla 3.7).
  • Bi-directional synching of Backend user manager in either Joomla! or phpbb (add/edit/delete/block/unblock/activate actions).
  • Silent account transfer of either Joomla! or phpBB user after logging in either Joomla! or phpBB.
  • Most phpBB profile-related changes are triggered by Joomla! user plugins - certain Joomla! 3rd-party extensions are able to synchronize the profile data after changing forum profile.
  • SEF URLs.
  • Extra SEO features: using forum's descriptions and topics first post as meta description, optional inclusion of forum alias in topic URL, optional including of all parent forums in topic URL, append or prepend sitename to meta title.
  • Forums and posts titles aliases for URLs.
  • Configurable page title structure - ability to choose first word.
  • Ability to skip phpBB info pages after login/logout in the forum.
  • Joomla! pathway can be inherited from phpBB.
  • Ability to use Joomla! articles as phpBB registration introtext, "Terms of use" and "Privacy policy" text.
  • Ability to assign any phpBB custom profile field to Joomla! "Name" field.
  • Assign Joomla usergroups to phpBB groups with synchronization on profile edit. 'Newly registered users' phpBB group can be only synced on phpBB 3.1.
  • Ability to redirect phpBB registration and lost password to Joomla! equivalents, phpBB profile to any URL.
  • Redirecting of forum user profile to Community Builder or JomSocial profile.
  • phpBB login and registration restrictions are applied in Joomla!
  • Optional disable of 'System - Cache' plugin for forum pages.
  • Community Builder basic support (users created and deleted in the forum are created and deleted in Community Builder) + advanced integration (avatars, profile fields and connections synchronization of changes, PM links in CB profile and login module, phpBB signature field type, posts count and rank image in CB status area), user's forum posts tab.
  • JomSocial basic integration (users registered in JomSocial are created in phpBB) + advanced integration (avatars, profile fields and connections synchronization of changes, user's forum posts application, forum links in profile menu, auto-creating of phpBB forums and groups for JomSocial groups, synchronizing groups join, leave and delete, link to phpBB group's forum in JomSocial group page).
  • JomSocial application displays user's posts in his profile.
  • EasySocial  integration (users registered in EasySocial are created in phpBB) + advanced integration (avatars, profile fields synchronization of changes, user's forum posts application).
  • EasySocial application displays user's posts in his profile, new topics/posts activities in stream.
  • EasySocial badges and points for topics/posts creation.
  • AltaUserPoints (ex AlphaUserPoints) integration (new topic and new post rules).
  • Plugin for OSMap sitemap extension.
  • Ability to use current Joomla! language in phpBB (phpBB language can be switched via JoomFish).
  • Ability to block posts with certain keywords in subject or message text.
  • Fast and elegant, no additional database queries are executed upon none-account related actions.
  • Detailed installation instructions are supplied.
  • Highly-configurable 'Latest Activity' module to display recent forums topics/posts.
  • Highly-configurable 'Forum Tags' module to display most indexed phpBB search words (requires phpBB Native Fulltext search index).
  • Highly-configurable 'Forum Attachments' module to display links to recent attachments.
  • Highly-configurable 'Statistics' module to display phpBB statistics (total number of posts, topics, members and newest member).
  • Configurable 'Login' module (displays clickable avatar with link to user profile and number of unread PMs for logged user. Guest user sees contents of usual selected module).
  • JComments avatars plugin.
  • Joomla! search plugin for searching phpBB forum.
  • Joomla!-to-phpBB users converter with support of JomSocial, Community Builder, EasySocial and Kunena avatars and profile fields.
  • phpBB-to-Joomla! users converter with support of JomSocial, Community Builder, EasySocial avatars and profile fields.
  • Ability to use native Joomla mailer for all outgoing phpBB emails with editable HTML template.
  • Filtering of displayed and accessed forums by current Joomla language.
  • 30% discount for "p8pbb comments" extension.
  • Free installation on request.

Frameless mode requires using of special phpBB templates. The main purpose of this is to create the proper HTML structure and avoid CSS conflicts with the Joomla! template. We have modified standard phpBB template and in most cases it will feet your Joomla! template, though we don't guarantee that and some small CSS modifications can be required from your side. Special phpBB style jProsilver (fork of usual Prosilver) is supplied. Note that we don't sell these styles. Any phpBB3 template can be modified to be used in frameless mode. Our demo forum works with the bridge and uses frameless mode, you can switch modified templates in your forum profile right here.

We also offer a service of Kunena-to-phpBB3 conversion which carefully converts all Kunena data including smilies, ranks, attachments, users, moderators and avatars from either Community Builder, JomSocial or Kunena. Converter can be used for converting large Kunena forums (tested on forum with 5000+ members and 25000+ replies). Kunena 3.2.1+ will is required.


  • Joomla! 3.9.x or 4.x installed and working correctly.
  • phpBB 3.3.0+ installed and working correctly.
  • Apache 2.0+ web server with mod_rewrite, also working correctly. May work on Nginx. May work on IIS with mod_rewrite like http://www.micronovae.com/ModRewrite/ModRewrite.html. We don't help with configuring IIS or Nginx rewrites.
  • PHP >= 7.2 with mbstring.
  • MySQL >= 5.7.
  • Either same database or different MySQL users for phpBB and Joomla.
  • Enabled Joomla! options "Search Engine Friendly URLs" and "Use Apache mod_rewrite".
  • Joomla! and phpBB should be installed on same domain.
  • Joomla! should be installed in the root domain folder (i.e. http://site.com, not http://site.com/joomla/), phpBB should be installed and loaded in the first-level domain folder (i.e. http://site.com/phpBB3, not http://site.com/joomla/phpBB3/, not http://site.com)
  • phpBB GZip compression should be disabled.
  • Same cookie domain settings for Joomla and phpBB.
  • Few lines of code should be added in Joomla! .htaccess file for phpBB 3.0.12 and in phpBB .htaccess file for phpBB 3.1.1+.
  • Usernames shouldn't be allowed to be changed by user in both systems (possible to change it only in backend).
  • We can't guarantee that the bridge will work with any phpBB MOD, i.e. it won't work with SEO MOD (but note that the bridge has its own SEO features) or phpBB Gallery or phpBB Likes.
  • We can't guarantee that the bridge will work with any phpBB style or any Joomla template, CSS conflicts between style and template are possible and it's not our responsibility to fix them (though we can help with minor issues for free).
  • Specially adopted phpBB style for wrapped (frameless) bridge mode is required (adopted Prosilver is supplied). Joomla extensions should not load MooTools library if you have phpBB 3.1.1. Adoptation of phpBB styles and resolving CSS conflicts require developer knowledge (HTML, CSS, Javascript).
  • There can be conflicts with Gantry templates and Gantry template can't be used with Joomla.
  • Small patch for RocketTheme phpBB styles can be required.
  • Advanced CB integration requires CB 2.1.0+.
  • Advanced JomSocial integration requires JomSocial 4.2.4+.
  • Advanced EasySocial integration requires EasySocial 2.2.x+.
  • phpBB can have issues with Gantry5 Joomla templates.
  • Using 3rd-party SEF Joomla extensions may require using same database for Joomla and phpBB and is not recommended.
  • This component won't work with 'Wordpress for Joomla' by corePHP (there are conflicts between WordPress and phpBB).
  • The price includes 1 year non-recurrent subscription. Support, downloads of product addons and new versions will be available within subscription period.


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