PayPlans 5.0.3

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PayPlans is a 100% Open-Source Membership Software. It is distributed under the GNU/GPL licence allowing you to use it for unlimited time to sell, paid membership plans

PayPlans is everything you need to create an exceptional membership system for selling your services online & provides automatic subscription and effortless billing management.

PayPlans also allows 30 days money back guarantee.

Unique features of PayPlans

  1. Plan Analytics- To know how each n every membership plan is performing.
  2. Advanced searching in the backend.
  3. Eye smoothing and responsive interface
  4. Tracking of your system activities by generating logs.
  5. More than 120 apps to enhance your experience with PayPlans.
  6. Professional Invoice Generation in PDF.
  7. App-Store, a hub of apps in backend from where single click install/uninstall/upgrade of apps is available.
  8. Support for multiple accounts of one payment gateway
  9. Multiple Language support ( )
  10. Create Micro-Subscriptions. For example, a subscription just for 1 hour.
  11. Other than general discounts, you can provide attractive discounts to your users using social networks. For example, discounts upon likes on Facebook, following on twitter and +1 on Google+.
  12. For more Features: Refer this link (
  13. Single Click Installation: PayPlans installer makes it very easy for you to install the software and start selling membership quickly.

  14. Responsive over various screen sizes : PayPlans' bootstrap template for both frontend and backend allows it to achieve responsiveness.

  15. Application & Registration Integration: Integrated with many known applications and processors like: Paypal, JomSocial, JSPT, Google Analytics, Mosets Tree, K2 and JUGA, Zoo, Jreview, SobiPro, EasyBlog, Easy Discuss, Helpdesk, KissMetrics etc and with various registrations like : Joomla, JomSocial and Community Builder etc.

  16. Powerful Discount System: PayPlans comes to you with event based triggering of tasks (Renewal, upgrade etc) for discounting purposes. PayPlans also supports Social Discounting (discounts upon likes on Facebook, following on twitter and +1 on Google+.)

  17. Professional PDF Invoice Generation: Invoices for every created subscription are generated and can be downloaded by the customers. Administrators are allowed to download invoices in bulk too.

  18. Front-end User Account: PayPlans has inbuilt front-end account management system. Your clients have details about their subscription data and can renew their memberships.

  19. Recurring Subscription: Recurring payments can easily be made through PayPal, 2checkout, Authorize.Net, Payflow, Paypal-Pro etc. PayPlans is integrated with 25+ payment gateways.

  20. Interactive backend dashboard: It displays useful information with graphs like sales, revenue,subscription growth according to dates.

  21. Exporting Database in CSV format: Subscription details, Payment details, paid/unpaid invoices etc will be easily exportable in the .CSV format.


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