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RSTickets! Pro Reports 2.2.0 Plugin

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Report plugin for RSTickets!Pro


This RSTickets!Pro Report plugin is commercial and needs to be purchased separately. You can buy it by accessing Customer Area > My memberships > Active Memberships > clicking the 'Buy Extra Plugins' button of your RSTickets!Pro license. After the transaction is completed you will be able to download the plugin from Downloads > Paid Downloads > Modules & Plugins for the RSTickets!Pro license.



In the backend of your Joomla! installation go to Extensions > Manage > Install, and upload and install the plugin. Next thing would be to check if the plugin is published, and to do so, navigate to Extensions > Plugins, search for the "System - RSTickets! Pro Reports" plugin and ensure it is published.

Report types:

Number of submitted tickets:
the report will take into consideration the overall number of submitted tickets.

Ticket solving time:
the ticket solving time takes into consideration the date of the first ticket reply and closing date per ticket. This report type has two additional filters - time unit (minutes,hours, days) and data category (by department or staff member).

Number of replies:
the number of ticket replies that were required to get the ticket into closed state. This too has an additional data group filter: By department and By staff

Customer feedback:
can generate a report based on the rating that can be provided at the end of each ticket - By department or By staff members

Response time:
this takes into consideration the amount of time that passes since the ticket was submitted until it got the first reply. This report type has two additional filters: time unit (minutes,hours, days) and data category (by department or staff member)

Assigned tickets:
number of tickets assigned to staff members


Filter by time period:
When generating a report you don't need to necessarily include all your tickets. You can set two calendar fields - Start date and End date.

Filter by department:
In the report, you can set what departments to be included in the generated graph.

Filter by staff member:
check which staff members to be included in your report.

Filter by customer:
you can monitor a certain customer activity over time.

Filter by priority:
you can filter out tickets included in the report base by its priority.

Color coding has been added so you can tell apart the different lines.
You can set color codes to each department and staff member.
On the right side of the chart you will see a legend with the current color codes so that you can easily identify the data in the graph.




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