SimpleQuiz 1.9.970

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SimpleQuiz is a simple but powerful quiz builder, which allows you to create completely customizable Quizzes, Surveys and Questionnaires without writing one line of code.


Results can be filtered based on scores or even specific question answers, allowing you to personalize the output, according to your needs.
It is multipurpose, responsive and adaptive! (and Joomla 4 ready!!!)

Responsive & Multi-purpose

Works great on desktop and mobile, and can be used for a huge range of tests, quizzes & questionnaires.

Images and Video in Questions

Question texts are written in an editor that allows any content that you can place in an article and runs plugins!

Integrated Help

Learn as you go, with interactive bite-sized help texts that show up in the various views.

Fully Customizable Results, also sent by email

Show content based on total quiz score, specific question answers and mixed criteria.

5 Question types for everything you need

  • Text Fields
  • Checkboxes for multiple answers
  • Radio Buttons for selecting one answer
  • Score Radio Buttons
  • Score sliders

Perfect for IQ/Personality Tests, Satisfaction Surveys and Student Exams

Multiple-choice, sliders, 1-10 radio buttons, and radio buttons with additional text, if required.

Limited Time Contests

Set a datetime as the start and end of your quiz and present the results as a contest.

Joomla 4 Ready

We are ready for the future! The latest version of SimpleQuiz is designed for Joomla 4 first.

SimpleQuiz has all the professional features, while remaining simple and intuitive.
Results are stored in the database, charts can be created and email notifications are sent with all the results included, after each quiz.

So, why NOT buy SimpleQuiz? Our 30-day money-back guarantee will assure you that SimpleQuiz is the right choice.



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