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SP LMS 4.1.0

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SP LMS is a multi-purpose elearning management extension, compatible with Joomla 3.4 which is suitable for various education concepts. It provides the simplest platform for managing the experience of students or trainees as they interact with e-learning content. We designed SP LMS because we wanted to create an e-learning solution especially for small / medium organizations and our Varista template. It was tailored to the needs of schools, Universities, companies and other education areas. It can be used to develop online courses and create elearning content on any subject.


* Courses and Lessons Management
* Attachment system for lessons
* Quiz and Certificate System
* Teacher Profile Management
* Events Management
* Speaker Profile Management
* Ecommerce - easily sell your courses using a PayPal Payment Integration
* LMS Dashboard with basic statistics
* 5 modules (for courses and events) included
* Light & responsive design
* User friendly interface
* More features soon.

You Can Create and Sell Online Courses

Online education is very popular right now! If you're an entrepreneur, teacher, expert, or online marketer looking for supplemental income or want to replace your existing job, SP LMS gives you everything you need to build a profitable eLearning platform from your knowledge or life experience.
It works for individuals up to small organizations (like foundations).


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