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TEXTman 4.2.0

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Easily manage Joomla articles from the frontend of your website. Create drafts and auto-save changes while editing.


Support for FILEman attachments. Simply attach files to any Joomla article using our editor plugin. Attachments will be displayed below the article’s content.

Drag & drop ordering
TEXTman offers a simple way of arranging your articles by simply dragging and dropping them into place.

Featured image
A featured image represent the contents, mood, or theme of an article. Articles can have a single featured image to enhance the presentation of your site.

Auto correct
TEXTman automatically transforms specific character combinations to corresponding symbols.

Auto create categories
You may automatically create categories from the article edit screen.

Auto link
TEXTman automatically turns typed URL’s into clickable links.

CK Editor
TEXTman uses CK Editor, a web-based text editor with powerful formatting capabilities.

E-mail notifications New
TEXTman can send E-mail notifications when specific actions are performed.

Meta description New
Easily customize the page’s meta description tag from within TEXTman.

TEXTman works seamlessly in multilingual Joomla websites.

Specify when an article will be published and unpublished.

Social Media tags New
TEXTman supports Open Graph and Twitter Cards.


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