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Twitter Feed Pro 2.2.0

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Twitter Feed Pro is a simple and powerful tool to add Twitter content to Joomla website in an easy and seamless way


With this extension you can increase you audience and engagement of your website visitors. Tweets that you publish on your Twitter account or tweets with certain hashtags will be automatically displayed on your website with the Twitter Feed Pro extension. No API keys required; No coding skills required; Instant preview.

⚡ No coding skills required
⚡ No API keys required
⚡ Instant preview

2 Twitter widgets in one

Twitter Feed Pro is able to work in 2 different modes: displaying any public Twitter profile with tweets or displaying Twitter posts by certain hashtags. You can create feeds with photos and and videos which will be updated automatically when there will be new tweets.

Responsive layout for any device

Set the Twitter Feed Pro widget size so it can fit into the desired place and it will adapt the contents to the feed's size so it will look awesome on any device. Also you can customize how it will look on each device size.

More than 30 customizable options

Customize the Twitter Feed Pro feed to fit your website's layout with more than 30 customizable options. Show widget as a complete source of your Twitter profile information or turn it into an attractive feed/gallery.

Twitter Feed Pro Features List

  • No coding required
  • Displays tweets from any Twitter user public profile
  • Displays tweets by certain hashtags
  • All customizations are done with the integrated visual builder
  • Supports all main types of Twitter content – text, photos, videos
  • Load More button to let you view all the content in the Feed
  • Set the Twitter Feed size any way you like – make it fit your screen full size, or place it in a specific area of your website
  • Fully responsive and adaptable content perfect for any mobile device
  • Adaptable height – set up a scrollable fixed-size widget, or make it stretch as your feed grows longer
  • Widget header displays the main information on any public Twitter profile – cover, picture, name, number of tweets, likes...
  • Fully customizable header – hide the information you don’t need, or disable the header altogether
  • The Twitter Feed Pro for Joomla displays detailed info on each post – author, publication date, formatted message text, picture, retweets and likes counts
  • All photos and videos open in a stylish popup directly on your Joomla website without leaving to Twitter site
  • Popup displays the picture or video, its author, description, publication date, retweets and likes counts
  • Use arrows to scroll through the content directly in the popup

Learn all the Twitter Feed Pro features in live demo: https://allforjoomla.com/demo-twitterfeedpro

Twitter Feed Pro Translations:

  • English
  • Russian

Make your website super engaging for clients and highly trusted

Keep visitors on the site
Hold your clients on your website for hours and hours, showing them carefully selected Tweets on the most important topics or involve them into your Twitter-promoted contests

Increase the number of followers
Interactive Twitter Feed Pro feed enables users to view photos/videos without leaving the website. Use one more source of followers and widen your Twitter community

Strong social proof for higher trust
Demonstrate that you Twitter profile is active to assure customers that your business is developing and you wish to interact with them

The Benefits of using Twitter

Even average people use Twitter. According to 2016 stats from Twitter, the platform still has over 300 million users who send over 500 million tweets a day. If Twitter were to disappear, it wouldn’t be a result of a lack of users.

In fact, Twitter still has an engaged audience. It’s rare for any online business or person NOT to have a Twitter username in their bio or contact information. Live television shows ask for feedback and participation via Twitter. The news media quotes tweets in their articles, and celebrities make major announcements via the platform.

If you’ve forgotten how Twitter benefits your small business, then here are some reminders. If you’ve never considered Twitter for your social media marketing, then read on!
Drive traffic to your web pages Need website visitors? Of course, you do! Twitter delivers and drives more traffic to your site. You don’t even have to pay for these clicks to your website.
Network with others Reaching out to other people on Twitter could not be any easier. It’s about as simple as texting. (The difference, of course, is that tweeting is very public.)
Distribute content Marketing expert Mark Schaefer said in his recent book "Known" that if you had to choose one distribution channel for your content, he recommends Twitter (page 138).
Communicate your brand Your content expresses who you are and what you do. It’s Branding 101. Since Twitter distributes your content, your brand message is easily conveyed using the platform.
Boost your SEO Twitter and Google have a special relationship. You benefit from this relationship since your tweeting boosts your overall SEO juice.
Improve your chances of purchase Although the truth about social media marketing is that direct selling isn’t a practical goal, 69% purchased from a small to medium-sized business because of something they saw on Twitter. And a whopping 94% plan to purchase from a brand that they follow on Twitter!
Reach a bigger audience Twitter has global appeal. 79% of users are located outside of the United States, although 67 million Americans use the network. Combine a massive worldwide audience with open communication and you have an opportunity to expand your existing reach.
Increase authority As your Twitter following increases and you share more custom, quality content with fans, your authority climbs.
Gather feedback Using Twitter for business, you’re able to discover what your customers want. People are happy to provide feedback, opinions, guidance, and information.
Achieve big rewards with little effort Creating custom content is mandatory to a successful online business. Custom content takes time and money to produce, so you want to maximize your investment. Re-using your custom content is key to making it work for you from a lead and conversion standpoint.

The benefits of Twitter for small business are many, so it’s always a shame to watch them pass on the opportunity. The benefits go beyond leads and conversion! I hope you’ll give Twitter a first or second chance!

Design your Twitter Feed

Twitter Feed Pro provides a great design customization of your feeds. Adjust your Feed layout columns, rows and mobile optimization. Customize Twitter posts display and the whole feed fast and easily. Even your grandmother can do!

How to add Twitter Feed Pro plugin to Joomla website

Adding Twitter Feed to website with our fantastic Joomla extension takes less than a minute. All you need to do is configure the settings of the widget and paste it to your website!
- Purchase the extension at allforjoomla.com
- Install the package to the admin panel
- Customize design and set Twitter source
- Copy-paste the short-code to the page or template where you want the Feed to be displayed



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