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Using Google Webmaster Tools

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Attract international visitors to your websites with these SEO tips from David Booth. This course will help viewers develop and implement a successful strategy for international SEO, which is increasingly important given globalization; the localized versions of leading search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo; and the market share of such search engines as Baidu (China), Yandex (Russia), Naver (South Korea), and others.


David reviews global and regional aspects of how to determine target markets and optimize your website for different countries and languages. He then explains the technical elements of international SEO, including how search engines handle multilingual and multiregional content, and which methods to use to let search engines know just whom you're targeting. Viewers then explore international content strategy and crucial on-page elements and optimization strategies.

Then learn how to perform keyword research—taking into account cultural considerations and local competition. The course moves on to explore such off-site factors as social sharing and link building, and shows how to measure results via a number of SEO-specific tools, as well as Google Analytics.

Topics include:

  • Explain why backlinks are so important in both domestic and international SEO.
  • Name three countries that have search engines that are more popular locally than Google.
  • Determine the purpose of a content delivery network.
  • Identify how UTF-8 encoding helps with searches in different languages.
  • Recognize situations in which meta tags are useful.
  • Apply helpful strategies to increase traffic to your websites.




01-Overview of International SEO    
01-What is international SEO    
02-Beyond Google Overview of the top global search engines    

02-Getting Started    
01-Optimizing for countries or languages    
02-Determining target markets and audiences    
03-Finding the best site and server architecture    
04-Leveraging local and regional detection    
05-Understanding server location and hosting considerations    
06-Ensuring that core functionality works around the world    

03-Understanding the Technical Aspects    
01-How major search engines currently handle multilingual content    
02-Specifying language Hreflang annotationsXML    
03-Meta content-language country tag usage    
04-Using Google Webmaster Tools    

04-Understanding Content and On-Page Elements    
01-Putting together your international content strategy    
02-Handling localization and unique content    
03-Best practices for translating content    
04-On-page optimization tactics    

05-Keyword Research for International SEO    
01-Performing international keyword research    
02-Understanding cultural considerations    
03-Evaluating local competition    

06-Understanding Off-Site Factors    
01-Increasing visibility for localized pages    
02-Link building for international SEO    
03-Impact of social networks and social sharing    

07-Measuring Your Results    
01-Measuring international SEO campaigns    
02-Segmenting your international data    
03-Monitoring international search visibility with tools


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Additional Info

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Author: David Booth
  • Released: Friday, 13 March 2015
  • Duration (mm): 119
  • Porvider: Lynda
  • Password: BlackJoomla.com