Flexi Contact Plus 11.03

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FlexiContactPlus is an enhanced version of our popular free contact page component, FlexiContact. It has all the features of FlexiContact, plus all the features you asked for
  • Multiple Configurations: You can configure different contact forms on different pages, with different fields and different destinations. Everything can be customised for each form.

  • Multi-language built-in. Fully customise the contact page that appears for each language, including all the text and the field prompts. There's no need to use JoomFish or FaLang.

  • Multiple recipients: You can configure a list of recipients (for example, departments) that the user can choose from using a dropdown list.

  • Up to 100 additional fields, including text, textarea, select, select-multiple, checkbox, date picker, radio buttons, file attachment, advanced validation and agreement required. You specify the order, size, prompts and default value for each field. All fields can be optional or mandatory.

  • Many layout options including multiple columns and inline fields.

  • Lots of captcha systems, including our own unique picture and magic word systems, the SecureImage system, Google reCaptcha and NoCaptcha, and Joomla captcha plugins.

  • Word and phrase blocking

  • Set a minimum time that must elapse before the same IP address can send another message.

  • Logging with search, export, and import from free FlexiContact.

  • Configurable email templates giving complete control over email content, subject lines and formatting.

  • Confirmation page can be a link to an article, or a configured page including user data from the contact form.

  • Article Plugin. Include a contact form or popup form in articles and modules.

  • Ajax. Shows error messages and the confirmation message without re-drawing the page.

  • A selection of "ready to use" CSS styles are included.

  • Option to use custom and/or animated radio buttons and checkboxes on all forms.

  • Various external interfaces, including onSubmitContact, CSV export, SQL export, and PHP function.

  • Various advanced features, including pre-loading of fields using Get and Post variables.

  • Full documentation in a detailed PDF user guide including styling and examples


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