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Registration in BlackJoomla is free, but you should pay for subscription.(Choose a Plan)

BlackJoomla Rules may change as the purpose of the high quality service to users may change.

So if you want to use the Black Joomla Website Services, you must accept the latest rules.

To get acquainted with the latest changes, you need to follow the FAQ page and news page or social networks.

No, All files (Extensions, Templates, eBooks, Tutorial) are original & have been purchased.

You can download any file you want, But each user can download up to 2 or 5 or 10 files per day by the type of subscription

Please don't use IDM. IDA, ... with many connections for download

Please don't use VPN, Proxy, VPS for download

You can request it, and if possible, the file will be purchased and placed for download on BlackJoomla

You can use the Report button (after login, you can see some extra buttons)

After login, you can see some buttons below the download box  like: Report, Follow, Add to List , ...

Click on Follow and use its options

1- Add updates to Updates feed

2- Receiveemail notifications

Firs choice is default and second is optional and enable by default

You can see lates your updates in My Updates menu or receive in your mail box


You can use Feed  or social network

If the user cheats, his account will be deleted entirely without warning.

Users who do the following will remove their account:

  • Download files of a company(JoomShaper, SmartAddons, LT, MO,...) in a series
  • Download new files in a series
  • Download by VPN, Proxy, VPS
  • Download by multiple account

Users should be normal in BlackJoomla.com, like a website designer with Joomla, not like the admin of BlackJoomla.com!

 The behavior of users is monitored on a daily basis by software and humans and suspicious users will be disabled for a week

If the user share or sell our website files on other websites, his account will be blocked at the earliest opportunity and all his points will be deleted and No Money returned.

All accounts that fill the payment form with fake information will be deleted

Send and share files that broken or manipulated or has a virus

My website is Non-Profit, can I have a discount on your site subscription? Get in touch with us If your website not making conducted primarily to make a profit.(Charities, Mosques, Churches, NGO,...)

Delete account easily

Go to the membership page & use Delete my account link

Yes, often discount codes are listed on the website or social network