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Is registering free?
Registration in BlackJoomla is free, but you must earn points for download.
Have the files been changed or manipulated?
No, All files(Extensions, Templates, eBooks, Tutorial) are original & have been purchased.
Is there a limit to the download?
You can download any file you want, But each user can download up to 2 files per day
Why more than 100 points deducted for a download from my points?
Please don't use IDM. IDA, ... with many connections for download
If inappropriate points are deducted for each download, please let us know
I need an extension that does not exist on your site
You can request it, and if possible, the file will be purchased and placed for free download on BlackJoomla
The file uploaded incorrectly. What should I do?
You can use the Report button(after login, you can see some extra buttons)
How to get the latest content from BlackJoomla?
You can use Feed  or social network
How can I help BlackJoomla?
Sharing the Pages
Sending Feedback
Report Bad links
Sending Joomla subscription Account(Joomlart, SmartAddones, RocketTheme, ...)
Contribution to the production of content
Buy points
Downloads on the BlackJoomla are based on points
You can earn points based on at least one of the following:
1. User Activity
2. Contribution to the production of content
3. Contribute to BlackJoomla
4. Buy points
1.User Activity
+10    Register                
+5     Login every day(Once per day)                
-5      Not Login every day
+5     Invite with success(If the user you are inviting has not activated and got some negative points, it will be deleted, and you will receive -15 points)
+20    Disable Adblock(Only Once)
-100   Each Download(You can download a file several times a day )                        
+10    Share Google +1    (Once per month)
-10     Google +1 Remove
+10    Tweet a page to your Twitter followers(Once per month)
-10     Remove Tweet a page to your Twitter followers
+10    Share a page to LinkedIn(Once per month)
-10     Remove Share a page to LinkedIn
Fraud and scams on points
If the user cheats, his account will be deleted entirely without warning (even if the points have been purchased)
Users who do the following will remove their account:
  • Download files of a company(JoomShaper, SmartAddons, LT, MO,...) in a series
  • Download new files in a series
  • Download by Proxy, VPS
  • Download by multiple account
Users should be normal in BlackJoomla.com, like a website designer with Joomla, not like the admin of BlackJoomla.com!
 The behavior of users is monitored on a daily basis by software and humans and suspicious users will be disabled for a week
If the user share or sell our website files on other websites, his account will be blocked at the earliest opportunity and all his points will be deleted and No Money returned.
All accounts that fill the payment form with fake information will be deleted
Send and share files that broken or manipulated or has a virus

2.Contribution in the production of content to earn points


Articles(1000-10000 Points)
write an article about everything that relates to web design, Joomla, SEO,...

Articles should have at least 1500 words and have high-resolution photos without any watermark and logo
Articles can also have high-quality video(See video terms)

0) Your Article should not be on the web before! (Please search before the start)
1) First, find the trend of your article(Choose Trends Good and Growing)
2) Send the subject of your article & explain a paragraph about it for BlackJoomla
3) Get started after approval
You can get ideas from the questions below:
Quora, Reddit, StackOverflow, Answers. Yahoo, Blurtit, Answers, Ask Me, The Answer Bank
for example:
Which websites should not be designed with Joomla?
Why should not we use WordPress to design shopping website?
How to design a news website without coding knowledge?
Which hosts are suitable for install Joomla and WordPress?
Which SEO plugin is the best?
How to do things automatically in Joomla?
What is the best shopping cart to use with Joomla?
How often do I need to update Joomla?
What is the best automatic social media posting extension for Joomla?
How to speed up the website?

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Video tutorial(1000-100000 Points)
should be of good quality and without any noise
A simple and fluent English language without a particular accent

should record Full HD(1920*1080)
Without any watermark and logo
The video tutorial can be with subtitles(+Points)
You can use from Camtasia studio for capture

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3.Contribute to BlackJoomla

If you have an active subscription in Joomla site services(Joomlart, Joomshaper, rsjoomla, ....)
You can share with us and give point
More than 250 users have contributed to us Voluntarily

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4. Buy points
You can buy points
After login, Go to the buy points page
5. Delete Account
Delete account easily
After login, Go to the membership page & use Delete my account link