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Site Tools joomla module with eight elements, Documentation style, Docs Custom Items, No right click, Sticky sidebar, Sticky footer, Light switch, Scroll Reveal, Text animation effects.
The Joomla extension is used to protect one or more pages with a password or restrict views based on factors such as IP address, Country or user.
The plugin automatically detects all external Google Fonts references on Joomla websites and removes them easily and reliably.
Create a vertical timeline of your articles and display your content in an interesting design.
Mx Awesome Faq module displays joomla content or custom items. Content option create an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for your website by selecting single or multiple categories.
If you run a blog or add new articles regularly, is important to arrange the latest articles and show them to your visitors in attractive way.
Notify your visitors about the upcoming events, discount or big days.
YRVote is a plugin for Joomla 4 that allows to rate articles and displaying the results of all votes.
CBSubs (CB Paid Subscriptions) is a powerful, extremely flexible and field-proven paid subscriptions membership management solution for any Joomla website using Community Builder.
Manages and exports data bases very easy from the backend of Joomla!.