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Access & Security

With IP Login you can log into you Joomla frontend and/administrator side automatically by IP address.
Time to stop User Registrations and Newsletter Subscriptions with Disposable Mail addresses on your website.
Email Protector - Safely cloak email addresses in Joomla!
The Joomla extension is used to protect one or more pages with a password or restrict views based on factors such as IP address, Country or user.
This extension protect the posts content or photos from being copied by disabling mouse and keyboard commands.
Manages access to Frontend viewing of content & Backend editting in joomla
Access keys, IPv4/6 Black/White Lists (IP & CIDR netmasks supported), Brute Force detection.AdminExile has you covered
It adds a reCaptcha v2 (I’m not a robot) to block any automatic attempts and it adds and extra PIN-code. The PIN code adds one extra layer of security which enhances the security significant.
This extension change source code to be unclear for hackers that Your website use which CMS
NS Members Only is an easy way to limit access to your site by only displaying a login box without the default template or any other modules.
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