NS Members Only 1.2.2

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NS Members Only is an easy way to limit access to your site by only displaying a login box without the default template or any other modules.


Just using the Joomla core to limit complete access is to adjust permissions on menus, article and modules and in some cases use a second template or figure out a way to re-purpose the offline mode function which isn't optimal in most cases. Either way it's a hassle when all you want to do is hide everything, including the template to your site.

With this plugin, you can hide everything except a login block to force your registered users to login to gain access and spend less than 10 minutes setting it up.

Perfect for an intranet site or website that you don't want visible to the world

License key: This is the plugin license key that allows one-click updates through the Joomla installer. You can find on https://nswd.co next to your list of active subscriptions. If you have an active subscription and the key inserted you will be notified of updates as they are released.

Image: You can insert an image here that will display at the top of the login box.

Backdrop color: Here you can set the color of the login background.

Modal background color: Here you can set the background color of the login box.

Modal borders color: Here you can sent the border color of the login box.



Login to Download -  Registration is Free in BlackJoomla but you should have points for download - FAQ

If after login, appears Warning (The security token did not match...) please refresh page and login again

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All of files compressed by WinRAR - use from Latest WinRAR before install

Password for all files:BlackJoomla.com


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