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JLex Block 5.9.5

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The Joomla extension is used to protect one or more pages with a password or restrict views based on factors such as IP address, Country or user.


First released in 2014, JLex BLock is a popular security extension for Joomla, it works with most of the components available on JED.

If you are looking for a way to protect your articles, products, download pages, or more broadly your entire website... this application will help you. Not only that, it can also protect part of the page (elements)

- only it can.

Currently JLex Block provides the following protection tools:

- Password: This is the most popular method on Joomla. You can set passwords to any pages or elements that you want to protect. In addition, you can customize, and add a new theme (template) in your way. On the same page, you can protect many elements at once.

- Country manager: Deny / Allow requirements from these countries. Each client has one IP, JLex Block will detect the client country based on IP. Now, JLex Block provides more 100 countries. So, it will reduce the amount of spam.

- User Group: This method will collect all groups of the Joomla site (like: Public/Guest/Manager/Administrator/Register... and you can add or modify group), and it denies or allow requirements from users of these groups.

- User manager: Same as above, this method will deny or allow requirements from special users. You can set up multiple elements on the same page and assign these elements to users that you want them to see.

- IP manager: Deny / Allow requirements from these IPs. Same as the country manager method, it will reduce the amount of spam.

- Access view level: The basic, Joomla CMS provide 4 view level: Public / Guest / Register / Special. This method allows you to set a minimum level that members can see. Ex: If you set level is Register, users of Register and special level can see the content.

- Stop publishing: This method can replace/hide the content of an element or page indefinitely or for a period of time.



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