Shack User Switching 2.0.3

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Shack User Switching allows you to test any user account on your sites, without compromising their passwords. With one click, you can browse your site and see exactly what your users see. This is a safe and useful way to troubleshoot problems for your site's users.


Test accounts on the Joomla frontend

Shack User Switching allows you to access another user's account by using the normal Joomla login form. You enter the username of the person that you want to log in as, then enter your own password.

Test accounts in the Joomla admin area

You can use Shack User Switching to test accounts that have administrator access. Enter the username of the account that you want to test, and then enter your own account password.

Detailed access control

Shack User Switching gives you the ability to decide who can test accounts. You can make this choice based on user groups, user IDs, or IP addresses. You can also control which user groups can not be tested.

Shack User Switching is secure

Normally, to test a user account, you will need to access or change their password. With Shack User Switching, the users' passwords remain private and secure. Also, Shack User Switching uses all the core safety features within the Joomla core login forms, which adds protection against hackers.



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