LOGman 4.4.2

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LOGman is an extension that brings Facebook style user activity feeds to Joomla administration backend. Easily keep track of what is happening on your site and what other people are doing. Record and view the activities of your web administrators, writers, editors & even yourself

Knowing whats happening on your site and what other people are doing is an essential part of web administration. Whether youre alone or working with a team of web administrators, writers and editors, having the ability to record and view their activities in your site is essential.

Key Features

* Log everything. LOGman is capable of logging more than 60+ different user actions and has full support for all our Joomlatools extensions.

* Log Purging. Automatic or manual log purging. By default logs are kept for 90 days before being automatically deleted. This can be configured.

* CSV export. Easily export all or part of your site logged activities to CSV with the build in export tool.

* Easy Filtering. Filter your activity feed to show actions performed within a time period, by component or by user.

* Get a quick overview of all user activity straight from your Joomla Dashboard using our LOGman activity module.

* Other features. Ability to enable or disable user login and logout logging, log DOCman downloads, track IP addresses for each action logged and log contact form submissions.

* Web standards. Implements the Activity Streams Standard, as used by Facebook, Google plus, Twitter etc.. For more info see: http://activitystrea.ms/

* Joomla ACL support. Full support for the Joomla ACL. Easily manage who has access to LOGman, and who can manage the activities logs.

LOGman has everything packed to allow you to easily keep track of what is happening on your site.


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