Microsoft FrontPage 2003 SP3

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Design your own website without using codes Creating a presence on the Internet opens up a world of opportunity. You can share ideas, information and do business with anyone in the whole world with a web site.

Learning how to everything from scratch using languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and Python can be a laborious and time consuming process however. Microsoft FrontPage lets you design your own web site without having to learn all this code.
By using an intuitive ‘What You See Is What You Get’ system, even a complete novice can create their own dynamic webpages quickly and easily. Microsoft even provides an online course to get you familiarised with FrontPage and web design concepts like web servers and publishing.

FrontPage will let you choose how much detail you want to get involved in as well. View the automatically generated HTML code as you go using the Split View option, or hide it completely and just get on with your site building.

Create design templates to speed up your work and create a uniform look and feel for your site. Create interactive buttons for better navigation and utilise the built in accessibility checker to check that your website complies with standards (will display properly on all browsers).


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  • Version: 2003 SP3 11.8164.8172
  • OS: Windows
  • Password:
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