Smart Shoutbox 2.9.4

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Full-featured Joomla chat component and module, which can be used as standalone shoutbox or IP.Shoutbox mirror. Definitely the best Joomla chat extension for now, not doubts.


  • Flexible template with full support of mobile devices.
  • Create unlimited number of categories (chat rooms) with descriptions.
  • Install unlimited number of modules and select categories for each module separately.
  • A lot of customization options like shout or member name length, show or hide avatars, etc.
  • Replace images with neat thumbnails and lightbox.
  • Replace videos with links and lightbox or with embedded player.
  • Customers can upload files and attach them to their shouts.
  • Display member avatar from different components: Contacts, JomSocial, CommunityBuilder, EasySocial and more.
  • Automatically or manually refresh chat window, flood control and extra permission checks to avoid spamming.
  • Customizable and fully keyboard controllable text editor.
  • Ban or unban members from chat (do not affect the rest of your site).
  • Chat template can be easily styled with CSS (any element can be hidden, resized or colored) and language file (any text can be changed).
  • Shouts archive page on front-end with search and filtering options.
  • Cron job to automatically delete shouts older, than X days and orphaned files.


First of all, there're not much chat solutions for Joomla and existing ones are either too simple and ugly or overloaded with JavaScript and useless features. Smart Shoutbox is a balanced chat component with neat layout and a fairly enough scripts and features to work smoothly and almost faultlessly. We always monitoring chat and our customers' feature requests, but add only vital and really cool stuff, which will make Smart Shoutbox even better keeping it balanced. Try it for yourself and you will see, that this all is true.


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