No Right Click No Copy 2.0.0

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Keep your Contents and Images safe from being copied.

★ Three(3) Layers of Protection:
>>> Disables "Right Click"
>>> Disables "Texts Selection"
>>> Disables keyboard shortcut key "Ctrl + A"
★ So it will add "Triple Layers" of protections from data being copied.
★ Still it's not 100% solution to protect data. Actually there is no 100% solution of that. Techie can copy in many ways.
★ However, even techie may leave the site, and go for another site to copy contents. As it will need some time to break these protections.
★ So it's not a 100% solution, but it's the "Only and Best solution".
★ Very easy to use.
★ Very tiny.
★ Browser compatibility - Supports all except;
>>> Opera(Ctrl + A and Text Selection) - No Support.
★ Buy once and use for unlimited domains.
★ You will love it.


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