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Solidres Infinity 4.0.1

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Infinity is the first Joomla template that was designed with support for both Accommodation & Tour booking, it is also the first template that fully implement the new configurable media sizes feature.
  • Fully apply new configurable media sizes in component, modules, plugins and template (Infinity)
  • Add ability to create new asset’s category on the fly without having to leave the edit asset window.
  • Improve media operations: insert/delete/reordering now automatically saved via AJAX
  • Add feature to automatically re-generated all media’s thumbnails uploaded via Solidres Media Manager
  • Add support for Google Map Static API Key
  • Add option for Currency module to show currency code or sign
  • Add option to toggle tariff title and tariff description in outgoing emails
  • Add ability to view Joomla log files via Solidres System Info page
  • Fix broken map modal in Location Map module
  • Fix incorrect toggle indicator in System Info page
  • Several translation updates


Solidres Infinity


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Additional Info

  • Version: 4.0.1
  • Compatible: J3.x, J4.x
  • FrameWork: Bootstrap
  • Categories: Blogger, Business, Directory, eCommerce, Event, Travel
  • Features: Responsive, RTL, QuickStart Package
  • Password: BlackJoomla.com
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