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Nuron is a Joomla medical template that comes packed with everything you’ll need to create a solid medical website

It is modern, fully responsive, and a perfect solution for hospitals, dentists, health clinics, diagnostic centers, surgeons, doctors, pediatrics, and other healthcare websites.

Besides the handy features and modern look, Neuron also has all the necessary features of SP Medical Component to manage lists of specialists (doctors), departments, appointments, and schedules for medical services. It offers endless customization freedom to craft your site that is unique to its own.

This Joomla medical template QuickStart is packed with all necessary elements like SP Page Builder Pro (save $49), Helix Ultimate framework, and more to help run your medical business nicely and smoothly. If you are looking to create a striking online presence for your healthcare business, then look no further! Neuron Joomla template is the right choice for you.


Nuron is a complete Joomla medical website solution with minimal design and a professional appearance ensuring the maximum user experience. It is the right template choice if you want to create an online presence for your hospital, clinic, diagnostic center, healthcare professionals, and other healthcare-related businesses. Elegantly showcase your medical services, doctors, research, achievements, and more with the ready pages. Get multiple home variations, handy appointment & service scheduling pages, cost-calculator, display separate medical departments, and so much more with the Nuron Joomla template.

Nuron Key Features:
    3 conversion-friendly home variations
    Impressive features of SP Medical Component
    Sort services and specialists by department
    Schedule doctors’ availability & appointments
    Convenient doctor finder with doctor details
    Effective Cost Calculator for greater conversion
    Dedicated Covid-19 related facilities & awareness page
    Proudly showcase team & achievements
    Attractive package listing and details pages
    Smartly enlist all insurance plans
    Quick access to emergency support & facilities
    An engaging blog page to feature News & Research
    Built-in pages for quicker site launch
    SP Page Builder Pro & Helix Ultimate
    Regular update & dedicated support

Joomla 4 Supported Joomla Template

Nuron Joomla template is fully compatible with Joomla 4. Get the beautifully crafted template along with the latest enhancements, features, and flexibilities of Joomla 4. Enjoy the latest Joomla trend with Neuron and stand out in the crowd.

    More user-friendly UI
    Modern media manager
    And many more

3 Home Variations For Greater Conversion

Keeping the diversity of medical services in mind, we have designed Nuron with 3 niche-based home variations. Smartly present your services and specialists with a stunning hero, feature-rich design, and more.

    Hospital: Make a great first impression of your hospital with the powerful, modern, and conversion-friendly design.
    Diagnostic Center: Professional and minimal design to give your healthcare services the spotlight.
    Dental: Built with dental services in mind with all the necessary elements making it an excellent choice for dentist businesses.

Impressive Features of SP Medical Component

From finding a specialized doctor to estimating medical expenses, get all the powerful features of the SP Medical Joomla component with the Nuron template.

    Departments: Smartly sort and enlist all medical departments in one place to make the available departments easily accessible for the visitors.
    Cost Estimation: Effective cost calculator for enhanced user experience. Click on the tests and treatments, and see the total cost right away.
    Schedule Services & Appointments: Dynamic weekly specialist schedule page to present the doctors’ availability and book appointments.

Schedule Doctors’ Availability & Appointments

Keeping track of weekly schedules and appointments can be tricky at times. With the Doctor’s Schedule page manage and arrange doctor’s appointments effectively and in style.

    Impressive Design: A professionally designed schedule sheet to display available doctors with time and date.
    Conveniently Book Appointments: Easy redirection to the Appointment page without a hitch to confirm preferred schedules.
    Intuitive Appointment Form: Simplify the long process of scheduling appointments with the easy-to-use appointment scheduling form.

Convenient Doctor Finder With Doctor Details

Utilize the advantage of the search, filter, and listing by departments to help your site visitors spot the right specialist. The clean, straightforward design only makes looking up for the doctors simple and systemized.

    Smart Specialists Listing: Present the skilled specialist with display image, designation, and more. Filter by department, specialty, and gender for ease of use.
    In-depth Doctor’s Details: Show a detailed overview of the doctor’s profile with everything needed for assurance.
    Display Reviews & Ratings: Separate room to display doctor’s review & experience to help patients make an informed decision.

Covid-19 Related Facilities & Awareness

Help patients get quick access to Covid-19 facilities and answers to their relevant questions through the COVID-19 Resource Center page. Create awareness by displaying all necessary resources and information related to COVID-19.

    Dedicated COVID-19 Resource Center page
    Quick access to Covid test and Covid Vaccines appointment
    Display Covid-19 awareness and answers to frequently asked queries

Handle All Healthcare Services Efficiently

Showcase impressive deals and offer packages with the sophisticated Package & Offers page. A clean and sleek look to let your offerings steal the spotlight. Also, the Package Details page displays an in-depth overview of the available deals.

    Attractive Package listing and details pages
    Smartly enlist all insurance plans
    Quick access to emergency support & facilities


JoomShaper Nuron


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Additional Info

  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Compatible: J3.x, J4.x
  • FrameWork: Helix
  • Categories: Blogger, Business, Health
  • Features: Responsive, RTL, QuickStart Package
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