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Mx Site Tools 4.0.13

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Site Tools joomla module with eight elements, Documentation style, Docs Custom Items, No right click, Sticky sidebar, Sticky footer, Light switch, Scroll Reveal, Text animation effects.


Sticky sidebar

Div or class name
Margin Top
Margin Bottom

Sticky footer

Div or class footer
Div or class before footer

Docs articles

Columns width
Right column title
Numbers counting - Yes / No
Select Category
Child Category Articles
Category Depth
Tag Filter
Featured Articles
Article Field to Order By
Ordering Direction
Article custom fields - Yes / No
Item Title
Title Max length
Description display
Description Max length

Docs Custom items

General settings

Columns width
Right column title
Numbers counting - Yes / No

Custom items options

Main text

No Right Click

Disable Mouse Right Click, Text Selection and Keyboard Shortcut Keys.

Disable Right Click - Yes / No
Disable Image Right Click - Yes / No
Disable Image draggin - Yes / No
Disable Copy paste - CTRL + C - CTRL + V
Disable Print - CTRL + P
Disable View source - CTRL + U
Disable Save - CTRL + S
Disable CTRL + A
Disable F12

Scroll to reveal

Item settings

Div or Class Name

Light switch

Available in three versions. Version one is only for bootstrap 5 templates.

Horizontal - left / right
Horizontal position
Vertical - top / bottom
Vertical position
CSS code

Text animation effects

Div or class name
Text color
Text hover color



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