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Ruxin News 2.4.21

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News module by fantastic features


with 31 ready blocks and custom block builder To create any news site
- 6 different types of heading with the ability to link and choose the color and size
- 31 ready blocks and custom block builder
- Ability to change columns gap
- Joomla and K2 Support
- Ability to filter articles by tags
- Ability to filter articles by id
- Full content filter (Categories, Sort, Time Range, Start From, ...)
- Auto generate thumbnail from article images for site optimization
- 2 types of images crop mode (Cover - Contain)
- Show title, category, article text, date, hits, author
- Ajax Load More Articles (Next - Prev & Load more)
- Ability to Show Extra Field (K2 and Joomla) Before and After Title
- Text Center Mode
- Fully RTL Support
- Fully Responsive



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