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Convincing users to sign up in a website is a difficult task. One easy way is to block certain content and then asking them to sign-in or sign-up (if they don't have account) to see more. This clever plugin does just that. You can have custom buttons, have custom links other than sign-up or sign-in links. Gives plenty of option to customize.

Most Easy Way to Encourage Users to Sign-up or Sign-in to See More of Website Contents

✪ Features:

✔ Easy Concept

Displays Sign-up or Sign-in Button with blocking certain part of content

✔ Choose Where to Show

You may choose to show at home page only or any page

✔ Custom Options

Can change colors and text size easily

✔ Light Weight

The plugin is very light weight and thus fast to load without compromising site speed

✔ Clean Coding

Made by Joomla experts and hence clean coded

✔ Style-Match with Your Site

Full control to style-match with your Joomla site so that it blends seamlessly.


↪ How do I change how much height to cover?

You can give input in terms of % or px to determine how much height to cover from your content, measured from bottom.

↪ Can I show a custom button with link my choice?

Yes you can. You may use a custom button with any label and link (ideal for promo etc.)

↪ Can I change the texts?

Yes certainly you can change both Heading and sub-heading text.

↪ Can I change the custom button level?

Yes certainly you can change each button's level as per your wish.

✪ Live Preview

✪ Video Documentation


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