Aimy Video Embedder PRO 11.0

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Aimy Video Embedder allows you to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo in your articles and at module positions.


It is easy to set up, customize and use. Various options can be set for the embedded videos, depending on the video service used (i.e. width and height).

The PRO version additionally supports:

  • setting options per video
  • individual sizes per video
  • responsive video embedding
  • two-click mode (EU privacy mode) With the EU privacy mode, a placeholder is shown instead of the video. The visitor has to click to load the video. This way no data is transferred automatically and you get the chance to inform the visitor about your privacy policy.

What is the problem with video embedding and the GDPR?

According to the GDPR (EU privacy law) users have to agree to collecting personal data. The IP address is a personal date and is transferred by the visit of the website.
If you embed videos - for example from YouTube - you additionally send data to YouTube. As in this case the data is transferred to a third party, data protectors think, it is best to inform the user before transfering the data.

Besides that video plattforms use cookies. Usually, even if your user does not watch the video, cookies are already set just when visiting the page.

GDPR friendly embedding

One possibility to embed videos GDPR friendly is to use a two-click solution:
Instead of loading content from the video platform, a placeholder is shown that additionally gives the possibility to inform about it.

A second option for the video platform YouTube is to use the privacy-enhanced mode.
With this mode, the video is provided from a different server (
This way, YouTube does not set a cookie to your user's browser. At least not if the user does not watch the video but only visits the website.

Both options can be activated with Aimy Video Embedder!

In any case to be compliant to the GDPR, you have to add a paragraph on using videos from YouTube or another platform in your privacy statement.


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