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ARI Smart Book 1.10.16

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"ARI Smart Book" is a Joomla! flipping book extension which creates digital publications like books, magazines, booklets, portfolios, brochures and etc. Content is shown as flip book. It is possible to use any media content like images, videos, sound and other elements which can do content more user-friendly and attractive.

Main features

  • Possible to use rich content with audio, video, navigation between pages and etc.
  • Allows save PDF files as images which will be shown as HTML5 flipping book
  • Can rotate pages automatically in slideshow mode
  • Supports zoom feature
  • Possible to create books directly in articles with help of "System - ARI Smart Book" plugin
  • Can show books in fullscreen
  • Books can be created based on Joomla! articles, K2 items or images from the selected folder(s)
  • Provides a lot of options to customize books styles
  • Possible to grant permissions who can see and preview publications
  • Supports left-to-right and right-to-left content
  • Possible to use Google and your own fonts
  • Easy navigation between pages. Possible to use next/prev buttons, navigation slider with pages preview or page numbers
  • Allows to group publications via categories (supports unlimited number of sub-categories)
  • Possible to open book print version
  • Books can be opened in a lightbox. Supports integration with several popular lightbox extensions inlcuding lightbox plugins from "ARI Smart Content" extension
  • No flash. The extension uses only javascript, HTML and CSS
  • SEO friendly. Possible to define metadata tags
  • Integration with popular social networks
  • Supports one/two pages layout with ability to switch between them automatically
  • Works on PC and mobile devices
  • Responsive layout



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