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Beyond Compare Pro Win/Mac + Portable

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Compare files and folders using simple, powerful commands that focus on the differences you're interested in and ignore those you're not.  Merge changes, synchronize files, and generate reports.

Intelligent Comparison

Beyond Compare is focused.  Beyond Compare allows you to quickly and easily compare your files and folders.  By using simple, powerful commands you can focus on the differences you're interested in and ignore those you're not.  You can then merge the changes, synchronize your files, and generate reports for your records.

Compare Files, Folders

You can compare entire drives and folders at high speed, checking just sizes and modified times.  Or, thoroughly verify every file with byte-by-byte comparisons.  FTP sites, cloud storage, and zip files are integrated seamlessly, and powerful filters allow you to limit what you see to only what you're interested in.

Once you've found specific files you're interested in, Beyond Compare can intelligently pick the best way to compare and display them.  Text files can be viewed and edited with syntax highlighting and comparison rules tweaked specifically for documents, source code, and HTML.  The text contents of Microsoft Word .doc and Adobe .pdf files can also be compared but not edited.  Data files, executables, binary data, and images all have dedicated viewers as well, so you always have a clear view of the changes.

3-way Merge Pro edition only

Beyond Compare's merge view allows you to combine changes from two versions of a file or folder into a single output.  Its intelligent approach allows you to quickly accept most changes while carefully examining conflicts.  Color coding and section highlighting allow you to accept, reject, or combine changes, simply and easily.  When merging files you can change any line in the output with the built-in syntax-highlighting editor.  By using Beyond Compare's powerful file type support and ability to favor changes from one file, you can trivially accept many changes without even seeing them.

You can use Beyond Compare directly from most version control systems, giving you all of the powerful comparing and merging support you need when you need it most.  Integrated source control commands are also available, allowing you to check in and check out files without interrupting your work.

Synchronize Folders

Beyond Compare's intuitive Folder Sync interface lets you reconcile differences in your data automatically.  You can efficiently update your laptop, backup your computer, or manage your website, and Beyond Compare will handle all the details.  You can copy to and from disks, FTP servers, and zip files, all using the same interface.  Anything you don't want affected can be easily filtered out, and all of the powerful comparison techniques are available, making the backup as fast or robust as you need.

You can automate repetitive tasks using a flexible scripting language, and any script can be called from the command line, allowing you to schedule your syncs for when it's most convenient.

Access Data Anywhere
Beyond Compare is Agile.  Our virtual file system connects you to your data transparently, whether it's local or remote.

Beyond Compare is available wherever you are, on Windows, Linux, and now OS X.  Fast, with a native look and feel, and enhanced for each platform with the power to do everything you need it to.

Zip files and other archive types can be expanded in-place to compare and update their contents, as easily as any other folder.  It handles many popular formats, including tar, gzip, bzip2, Microsoft CAB, WinRAR, and, new to v4 for Windows, Zipx, 7-zip, and IMG/ISO disk images.

Update your website or make an offset backup; you don't need a separate FTP client.  Beyond Compare can connect to FTP, FTP over SSL, and SFTP (SSH) servers and compare, merge, or sync changes with the same commands you're used to.  It has saved profiles for quicker access and supports multiple simultaneous connections to speed everything up.
(Secure connections are a Pro Edition feature.)  Pro only

Media Devices  Windows logo
Plug in your camera, MP3 player, or Android phone and immediately access it, just like any other drive.  Sync your music.  Copy your photos.  Save your high scores.

subversion  Pro only
Compare your local Subversion working directory directly against a remote repository without creating a second checkout.  Multiple branches and past revisions are supported too, to make merging branches a snap.

Cloud Storage  Pro only
Organize your cloud storage, whether on a WebDAV server or Amazon S3.  Grab a few files from Dropbox when you don't have the full client installed.  Beyond Compare makes it easy no matter where your data is.

Specialized Viewers
Beyond Compare is Multifaceted.  Beyond Compare includes built-in comparison viewers for a variety of data types.  Compare .csv data, Microsoft Excel workbooks, and HTML tables in a Table Compare session.  Compare images in a Picture Compare session.

Text Compare
This is a comparison of two source code files.  Specific differences are marked with red text, and the entire line is given a light red background to indicate the presence of a difference.  Gutter buttons and hotkeys let you quickly copy sections of code from one side to the other.

3-way Text Merge  Pro only
This is a comparison of three files at the top and the merged, editable output at the bottom.  The center file is the common ancestor of the two later versions.  Left and right changes are automatically included in the output.

Table Compare
Delimited data files can be compared cell-by-cell in a Table Compare session.  Data can be sorted and aligned on key fields, and unimportant columns can be ignored.

Picture Compare
The Picture Compare view shows images side-by-side with their differences highlighted.  Various types of image files can be compared.

Folder Compare
Compare folders side-by-side in a familiar Explorer style.  Differences are highlighted in color.

Folder Sync
A dedicated Folder Sync session is useful for synchronizing folders.  The preview pane clearly shows the operations that will be performed.

3-way Folder Merge  Pro only
Three-way merging now extends to folders.  Compare independent changes against a common ancestor to quickly merge your changes with someone else's.  It makes merging your customizations into a new release a snap.

Hex Compare
The Hex Compare view shows differences byte-by-byte in a typical hex dump layout.

Registry Compare  Pro only Windows logo
The Registry Compare view compares local and remote live registries as well as registry exports.

Executable Compare  Windows logo
The Version Compare view compares executable files (such as .exe and .dll) and shows differences in version information.  Version Compare is a Windows feature.

MP3 Compare
The MP3 Compare view compares mp3 files, showing differences in tags.

Feature List

Pro Edition features are marked Pro only

  • General Features
    • Responsive, multi-threaded interface
    • Multiple windows with tabs for each comparison
    • Integrated into Explorer (Windows), Finder (OS X), and various Linux shells
    • Save comparisons as sessions to easily load them later
    • Automatically save sessions when closing them
    • Save workspaces containing all open windows and sessions
    • Home view with easy access to viewers and saved sessions
    • View Unix patch files as a side-by-side comparison
    • Text editor
    • Script processor for automating tasks
    • Command line interface
    • Supports high DPI (retina) displays
    • Automatic check for updates
    • Drag & drop to start comparisons
    • Customizable fonts, colors, and keyboard shortcuts
    • Extensive context-sensitive help
    • Dedicated support staff available via email, phone, and forums.
  • Compare files
    • Side-by-side display
    • Color highlighting of differences within lines
    • Display filters to show only differences
    • Jump to next/previous difference within file or folder
    • Printed and HTML comparison reports
    • Unicode and MBCS support
    • Thumbnail overview of comparison
    • Can convert files before comparing them
    • Compare files or clipboard contents
    • Automatic backups when saving
  • Text Compare
    • Inline editing with dynamic recomparison
    • Syntax highlighting
      • C, C++, C#, Objective-C
      • Java
      • SQL
      • Delphi, Pascal
      • Python
      • Visual Basic
      • XML
      • Many more built in and available online
    • Ignore unimportant differences
      • Comments
      • Whitespace
      • Delimited strings
      • Regular expressions
      • Character case
      • Page headers
      • Columns
      • Line terminator style
      • Manually ignore selection
    • Ignore replaced text and renamed identifiers  Pro only
    • Flexible alignment
      • Aligns similar lines
      • Multiple alignment styles
      • Optionally suppress alignment of differences
      • Manually align changes or break alignments
    • 3-way merge with output panel  Pro only
      • Merges changes automatically
      • Marks conflicting sections
      • Take whole difference sections or selections
    • Find & replace
    • Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and Rich Text converted to text automatically
    • Adaptive gutter buttons for copying sections
    • Formatted HTML view
    • View Delphi binary form files as text
    • Line details as text, hex, or with character alignment
    • Compare files with different formats
    • Bookmarks
  • Table Compare
    • Grid view
    • Inline editing with dynamic recomparison
    • Compare CSV, tab delimited, HTML tables, and Excel worksheets
    • Ignore differences within numeric or date tolerances
    • Ignore or hide unimportant columns
    • Align based on key columns or all columns
    • Rearrange columns to compare files in different orders
    • Sort data before comparing
  • Binary Compare
    • Display binary files as hex
    • Inline editing with dynamic recomparison
    • Fast byte-by-byte alignment
    • Limit display to differences
    • Wrap lines to display
    • Find & Replace
  • Registry Compare  Pro only Windows logo
    • Local and remote registry hives
    • Registry exports (.reg)
    • Inline editing
    • Recursively expand keys in-place
  • Picture Compare
    • Many picture formats
    • Flip, rotate, and scale images
    • Multiple comparison types
    • Thumbnail of pixels around the mouse cursor
    • Ignore differences within an RGB tolerance
    • Ignore replaced colors
    • Zoom to show entire image automatically
  • Other Comparisons
    • Compare .exe version information  Windows logo
    • Compare MP3 tags
    • Can use third-party comparison utilities for unsupported files
  • Compare Folders
    • Compare folders side-by-side
    • Color highlighting of differences
    • Automatically compare subfolders and expand them in place
    • Display filters to show added, modified, or matching files and folders
    • Flexible comparison criteria
      • Last modified time
      • Size
      • Filename case
      • DOS attributes
      • File content (CRC32, byte-byte-byte, file format specific, or exe/dll versions)
      • Ignore selection
    • Exclusion filters
      • File and folder names
      • Sizes
      • Last modified times
      • File content
      • DOS and Unix attributes
    • Dedicated synchronization commands
    • Powerful file operations
      • Copy, Move, Delete, Rename, Change Attributes, Set Last Modified Time
      • Multiple operations can run in the background
      • Pause running operations
    • 3-way folder merge  Pro only
      • Merge to a separate output location or overwrite one of the inputs
      • Automatically merge text files
    • Ignore folder structure
    • Printed and HTML comparison reports
      • Link an HTML folder comparison report to individual file comparison reports
    • Optionally follow symbolic links and NTFS junction points
    • Align filenames with different extensions
    • Align filenames using wildcard masks (e.g., "Apples*" => "Bananas*")  Pro only
    • Align filenames with different Unicode normalization forms (OS X vs Windows)
    • Copy NTFS ACLs and DOS short (8.3) filename aliases  Windows logo
  • Virtual File System
    • Local and network drives
    • Remote SMB servers (\\server)
    • FTP servers
      • Named profiles
      • Multiple simultaneous connections
      • Resume interrupted transfers
    • Secure FTP servers (FTP over SSL and SSH SFTP)  Pro only
      • Password, private key, keyboard interactive, or SSH agent authentication
    • Cloud storage  Pro only
      • WebDAV
      • Amazon S3
      • Dropbox
      • OneDrive Windows logo
    • Remote Subversion repositories  Pro only
    • Portable media devices (Android phones, MP3 players, cameras)  Windows logo
  • Archive Files
    • Compare and modify without extracting to a temporary location
    • Compare as a file or expand as a folder
    • Create, read, and modify
      • 7-zip  Windows logo
      • Zip
      • Zipx, with read-only support for Bzip2, PPMd, LZMA, WavPack, and JPEG compression  Windows logo
      • Tar
      • Gzip
      • Bzip2
    • Read only
      • Deb  Linux logo
      • Rpm  Linux logo
      • Rar  Windows logo
      • Disk images (.img, .iso)  Windows logo
      • Microsoft Cab  Windows logo
      • Compiled Help (.chm)  Windows logo
      • Total Commander packer plugins  Windows logo
      • Many more
    • Save filesystem snapshots without content
  • Version Control
    • Launch comparisons from all major version control systems
    • Checkin/checkout files via MSSCCI provider  Pro only Windows logo
    • Compares Subversion repositories  Pro only


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