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DJ-Flyer 3.1.1

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DJ-Flyer allows you to display items with thumbnail images and short description + the long description with the big image that opens in lightbox. That's not all. The main feature is that the user can switch on fly between category items and their descriptions and link it to Joomla articles. Thanks to brand new module created specially for Joomla 2.5 edition you can create large amount of combinations to display all the great items you prepare. This extension is intended to be used as nice presentation of your business offer for example restaurant menu.


Component features

  • Create category (unlimited)
  • Create items (unlimited)
  • set item's name
  • choose category
  • set tooltip text
  • insert details of an item
  • select article that the item will link to
  • enter full description (HTML editor)
  • insert small thumbnail
  • insert big image

Module features

  • select categories you want to include in the module (you can create multiple instances of the module)
  • set amount of items you want to see per page
  • set module's width 
  • choose the proportions you want to use , there are multiple options available
  • set item's ordering
  • Set description position (bottom, left, right)
  • show/hide image in description
  • set image's position in description (left, right, top)
  • show/hide thumbnails in the item
  • how/hide category name
  • show/hide tooltip
  • set if you want to use the ItemID of the current page where the module is published or select menu item that will be used while opening the linked articles
  • set duration of the animation



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