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DJ-MegaMenu 4.4.1

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DJ Mega Menu is an accessible menu solution for Joomla. It gives you the possibility to build and set advanced menu system.

Decide how many columns per each menu you want to have, what modules, icons and effects and use them in your menu items.

New mobile button options

Display mobile menu button in 3 different ways: icon, icon and text, or text only.

Vertical Menu

Version 3.6.3 brings Vertical Mega Menu feature!

There are no limits!

It means that you can add anything you want to the menu (from custom HTML to any module).

DJ Mega Menu is highly configurable, and it brings many handy features as well.

Thanks to the color customizer you have the option to create unlimited variations of the menu.

There are also two built-in default themes available! The DJ Mega Menu is also available in the free lite version.

Joomla Mega Menu Features

You can choose between:
- the sticky menu,
- animations,
- menu layouts,
- dropdown directions,
- columns width
- and many effects (30 to choose from)
- Choose the speed and delay time of closing the menu.

Using CSS3 animations (There are many CSS3 animations available) is also allowed, as well as deciding on the drop-down direction or making the menu to open on click or hover.

The mega menu solution is 100% responsive and mobile optimized. It’s also compatible with different mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone.

You can even choose when the menu should change to mobile view.

Another great feature is the possibility to display any of Bootstrap or Font Awesome icons in any size and decide where the icons should be displayed desktop/mobile/both.

What’s more in Mega Menu?

  • The DJ Mega Menu is accessible; it means it follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG and Section 508). You can enable or disable support for keyboard navigation with tab key and arrow keys!
  • DJ Mega Menu is also RTL ready!

Mega Menu Tutorials

Full-width submenu and percentage columns' widths
See how to set the submenu of the first level menu item to be 100% menu wide.

How to upgrade from free to professional edition / How to insert DJ-MegaMenu license key
You can easily upgrade mega menu to Professional edition - see how.

DJ-Classifieds (latest ads) into DJ-MegaMenu
Check how to add DJ-Classifieds “Latest ads” module into a mega menu.

How to set modules in the off-canvas of DJ-MegaMenu?
Discover how to create and publish module in the off-canvas of DJ Mega Menu

How to display multiple columns with modules and headings in submenu?
See how to display any module in the submenu.

Color customizer in DJ Mega Menu
This feature allows customizing the look of your menu. See how to do it.

How to display module position in DJ-MegaMenu
This tutorial shows how to set a Joomla module as the submenu in the mega menu.

DJ Mega Menu Off-canvas effects explained
Watch the video describing how off canvas effects in Mega Menu works.

Bootstrap Icons in DJ Mega Menu
See how to add a Bootstrap Icon to Menu Item

Font Awesome on DJ Mega Menu
Discover how to add Font Awesome Icon to Menu Item

How to set DJ Mega Menu to open items on-click
DJ Mega Menu allows you to set the menu items to open on-click instead of hover.

How to display multiple columns in submenu?
Displaying multiple columns in the submenu is very easy - follow the mega menu tutorial.

How to create a new menu theme?
You can quickly create a new mega menu theme. Check this tutorial article.

How to add the second line to the menu item?
There are two ways to add subtitle to the menu item. Read more about them.

Why DJ Mega Menu Options tab isn't displayed in menu item settings?
Learn how to display additional option tab for mega menu

How to add the icon to menu item title?
Adding icon to menu item title is core Joomla! Feature - learn how to do it.

How to display module inside the menu column?
See how to publish module inside DJ Mega Menu. It’s simple!

Translations of Mega Menu

DJ Mega Menu Joomla solution comes with multilingual translation for different languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Polish
  • Danish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese

The number of language packs for the mega menu will be extended.


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